1. Mojive

    Anyone explain why??????

    :help:Help with loading music videos onto Good Morning thread, a few of us faithfuls have been regularly popping tunes onto this thread since FG started it in Aug 2012 but for some reason..... we are still loading but cannot view the videos, where as Steve who is also a regular contributor to...
  2. M

    Can someone please explain my tourist visa situation? :)

    Hi everyone, I would highly appreciate some advice on my tourist visa as i am so very confused. I first entered Turkey on 26/07/11 and exited on 31/07/11. So that would be 6 days. The sticker was a multiple entry 90/180 days. I came back to Turkey on 19/12/11, which is still within 180 days...
  3. E

    Can anybody explain this?

    When I go t'supermarket I can get short dated beef steak for half price but if I want extra matured steak I have to pay more?
  4. A

    European court asks Turkey to explain its Internet bans

    European court asks Turkey to explain its Internet bans - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review A European court has asked Turkish authorities to explain their use of the country’s law to ban websites, responding to applications by two complainants who say the bans violate their right to...
  5. Martyn

    Can anyone explain this please?

    I'll explain the problem with detail for those wanting to know how to open an account. I opened a Turkish Lira and Sterling account at the Akbank Bank on Ataturk on the 30/6/2005 with a deposit of 110TRY. As you go in the bank get a numbered ticket from the machine on your left(press the top...
  6. G

    How do you explain this one!!

    A holiday Web Site (www.oakleytravel.co.uk) were offering a reasonably priced flight from Gatwick to Bodrum flying out on the 18th Sept for 14 nights. The price was £195 including the late departure charge. The same sales rep was offering the same flight, with 14 nights accomodation in Altinkum...
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