1. B

    2 years expired on my car, advice needed

    Hi everybody, Looking for some advice. When we came into Turkey in March 2016 with car, my passport was stamped with a small picture of a car and dated 1/3/2018. No problem with that and it was the change in the law which allowed you to have a UK registered car in Turkey for 2 years. However...
  2. Neil_Denizli

    Expired Passport

    My son, 15 years old, has to travel to boarding school in the UK next week. He has dual nationality (Turkish and British). However, we have just realised that his UK passport has expired. Will he able to exit Turkey with his kimlik and enter the UK with his expired passport? Any ideas?
  3. E

    For those who are currently living in Turkey on an expired visa

    There was a law that passed back in April that allows you to get a residence permit if you have overstayed your visa and are still living in Turkey. I overstayed my visa by nearly 3 and a half years and finally got my situation resolved and I know that if someone else knew of a solution I would...
  4. O

    Turkish Visa expired

    Hi, I have a question! let see if someone can help me! My Turkish visa will finish the 30 of this month (JUN), and maybe i will go out of the country the day 3 of July. Somewhere I read u can leave the country within the next 15 days after your residence visa expires without having to pay any...
  5. B

    Expired tourist visa and not paying at the airport!

    Hello everyone, I am an Iranian and my 90 days of Tourist visa's alreay expired and am overstayin here for 1 month and 10 days! I am going back to my country soon but I am scared because I don't have enough money to pay at the Ankara's airport! I don't care about getting banned for not coming...
  6. R

    Leaving/re-entering Turkey on expired Residence Permit

    Hi there, I'm currently studying Turkish in Turkey and had been in Ankara. When my Residency Permit was issued they put its expiry as the day I was due to leave the city, as I was transferring to continue studies in Istanbul. Now I thought I'd have to apply for my RP once in Istanbul, but now...
  7. R

    Visa Not Quite Expired

    Hi Folks, I'm sure the answer will already be on here somewhere-but a quick look didn't answer my query. We are going out to Dalaman on 8th May-when we land we'll have 19 days left out of the 180 day visa ( we'll only have spent 24 days in Turkey out of the 90 allowed). We don't plan on...
  8. K

    Entering Turkey with nearly expired RP

    Hi all, I would be grateful for any advice on the following: I am flying to Turkey on Sunday after approx 2 1/2 months in the UK. I have a residency permit which is due to expire on 8th Feb. I am planning on buying a £10 tourist visa on entry so that I have time once back in Turkey to reapply...
  9. D

    Expired Visa

    There is a bit of information on this but would just like to double check by other peoples experiences. On our recent visit to Bodrum we entered on a Valid 90 day tourist visa but were stupid not to check that it was valid on leaving the country. All very embarrasing , annoying and expensive...
  10. Ms Who

    Expired Visa Fines

    As received today from the Foreign Commonwealth Office, in answer to my email query: Kym, From the moment you have overstayed your visa in Turkey the minimum fine is 91.80 Turkish Lira and it rises incrementally each day to 179.80 for an overstay of a month. If you stay longer than one month...
  11. Ms Who

    Expired Visa Fines

    Does anyone know where to look for information relating to visa fines. I know there was a thread on here the other day that it included it on a British Website but I am trying to find details on a Turkish site. Ive looked on the Turkish Embassy Website but could not find anything related to it...
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