1. D

    Computer Expert (English Speaking)

    My WiFi/computer problem was quickly and professionally dealt with by, Ferhat Harman, Teknoas Computer, Dalyan. 05423257478, on 5 April 2014. He has studied IT/Computing in UK and Turkey. His english is excellent as was his price. He can do Wifi Router Set Up, TTNET Registration, build and...
  2. B

    I T Expert

    I have been watching DVD/CDs on my laptop but unfortunately the sound was not loud enough. I tried to increase the sound. and in the process have lost all sound on my DVD/CD drive. I do have other sounds. I obviously have pushed the wrong button. Can anyone give me any advice to restore...
  3. ceemac

    Racism in Europe goes mainstream, says Turkish expert

    The rise of racist language in European political rhetoric is a reality and is causing a real-life increase in individual racism, according to a leading academic who has worked on anti-racism committees in Europe and for the UN for more than 10 years. If racism is institutionalized at the state...
  4. P

    Think you're a computer expert?

    Try this test; Go here; IT careers - A vocation at Wavex Then choose Online Engineering Test from the left hand menu. I wont even say what I got but it wasnt good :(
  5. I

    tax/finance expert

    Hello everyone, I recently did an interview with a radio program out of New York that focuses on the expat market. The host wants to open a regular segment or series of shows about Turkey, and is looking for some experts to interview. One of the areas he would like is taxes, finances, basic...
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