1. juco

    Any experienced piano players.

    Looking for some advice for beginner.
  2. mafalda

    Experienced gardener needed!

    Good morning! Can anyone recommend an experienced and knowledgeable gardener, who would be interested in re-designing and planting a garden? A garden of sorts exists, with trees and shrubs that will stay, but needs a serious make-over... Thanks, M.
  3. S

    Experienced babysitter/nanny available

    Hello i am looking for a job in Alanya as a nanny or babysitter. I can be a full time/part time nanny or occasional babysitter when you need one. Please pm me for more information.
  4. M

    Experienced Turkish teacher is at ur service.

    Hi! My name is Sinem SEN. I am an english teacher from turkey, i worked in a private course for a year as a full time english teacher. I have worked with all stages and i taught both turkish and english, so feel free to contact me if u want to learn Turkish and use it in ur daily life. I am...
  5. S

    Has anybody else experienced this one

    Hi we bought our property 18 months ago having hired a solicitor and estate agent to act on our behalf .The problem we have is weve paid in full recieved the keys but have not yet recieved the deeds this is a long story however we have recently been informed that our application for army...
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