1. gam101

    Turkish - the language experience

    Greetings folks!:28: I'm sharing my experience here with Turkish, hoping that others can chime in & suggest perhaps what worked best for them in learning or "getting upto speed" on the language. We have noticed though that there are more locals speaking English than we encountered last year...
  2. L

    KKTC Turkcell (LifeCell) Internet Experience

    Hi all I would like to share my recent experience of the Turkcell internet service, they call it Lifecell - BUYER BEWARE. I have my mobile phone with them and just prior to Christmas I received a number of texts offering their Internet service at a good price. So I spoke to a salesperson and...
  3. IbrahimAbi

    Hospital experience in Turkey

    In the past few weeks I visited my brother in hospital in the UK, and, on Sunday I had the need to visit A and E here in Turkey. In the wee hours of Sunday my wife fainted in the bathroom and split her head on the tiles. I brought her round, cleaned and inspected the wound. The initial...
  4. B

    House selling experience.

    I know there are some disaster stories regarding selling houses in Turkey, but I wish to tell you of my experience. I sold my property last week and it was an absolute dream. I asked an Emlak to value my house but decided to put the word out myself. Within two days I received an offer, a...
  5. T

    Good Experience with Turkish Divorce

    I think my story will be useful to a lot of people here. I split up from my Turkish husband in 2010. He went back to Turkey and started divorce proceedings there, as we were married there. I received the documents, from Turkey and was so relieved after 2 years we were divorced with no hassle...
  6. K

    STRP Renewal Experience in Mugla

    Just thought you may be interested in our experience of renewal this week. . . We arrived in Datca last Thursday, 7th April. As our RPs are only valid until 14th April it made renewal a priority. We got all the documents together on Friday, including a new requirement of a 'crime free' letter...
  7. K

    Birth experience in Antalya?

    Hi All I know this had been covered on here already but the posts are quite old. I just wondered what peoples experience has been here in Antalya city having a natural birth? I went back to the UK for my first child but as he is 5 now he will be at school so this isn't possible. I had a good...
  8. A

    Hotels in Antalya. Personal experience and your advice.

    This month not long ago I came from a very spectacular trip around Antalya. I was impressed by the beauty of this region. Most of people think that Antalya it is just another place to lay on the beach and that's all. Those who think this way are definitely mistaken. Antalya is also a perfect...
  9. suzyq

    33 Adventures to experience in Turkey

    Some good ideas http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/Default.aspx?pageID=447&GalleryID=2559&gpid=1
  10. shirleyanntr

    Hatay a unique experience

    Hatay has always been a great place to visit..and t one time i lived here and can testify to the warmth and hospitality of people ... i am at present staying here with family and need to say NOOO to all the food thats offered 24 hours a day oof at the moment there are some problems with the...
  11. L

    My experience of buying a villa in Turkey from estate agent Redtek.

    Seven years ago my husband and i paid £160,000 in a bank transfer for a villa in Marmaris through Redtek real eastate who promised we would receive our tapu within three months -we are still waiting. We have a solicitor Esin Aygun who Redtek recommended to us and thought we had done everything...
  12. L

    Our awful experience with heaven tours yalikavak

    We rented a mini bus from Heaven Tours in Yalikavak for 2 weeks last month as we had 5 friends over and had booked to visit Kas for 3 nights while they were here. On our way to Kas we all smelt fuel and I noticed smoke under my friends seat in the back of the mini bus. We pulled over and saw...
  13. P

    A very good experience

    I wish to say that my family have had a property here in Turkey for over a year and a half now, empty (due to circumstances) but it has been managed and maintained by Easy Life Bodrum who have done a good job. They have also assisted me greatly in my move to turkey so that when I moved into my...
  14. mollag

    New shopping experience.

    Opposite the new school in the village where the, as we call it, open and shut market is, there is yet another new operator. A101, the mini market franchise, like Bim with booze. Gumusluk is getting all grown up now it seems:ohwell:.
  15. Y

    Not really necessary in my experience

    I sold my place several months ago without using an estate agent or lawyer. Simply put the word out to anyone and everyone I knew that I would be selling without an estate agent - and therefore no commission payable to one. I chose a sensible price and stuck to it. I could afford to sell it...
  16. T

    Transfer good experience

    Hi I would like to share a good experience we had this year with our transfer from the airport and back. We used 724 transfers. We were picked up on time at Antalya airport and taken to Tosmur, there was only 2 drop offs so we did not have to go to numerous destinations which was great. On...
  17. I

    Victoria experience

    Hi, We are living permanetly in Gumusluk since last year september. Last week we went Victoria to have dinner with our friends for the first time. The service is poor; it took 1 hour to get our meals. Meals were also poor, in some other restaurants in Gumusluk you get more meal for less price...
  18. McDHibs

    Thomas Cook online check-in experience

    Just got back from Fethiye and thought I would tell you about my experience with Thomas Cook online check-in at Stansted Airport. I travel with hand luggage only so paid £7.50 to buy a seat and checked-in online printed out my boarding pass and on the day of departure headed to the...
  19. mafalda

    Experience with house sitters?

    Hello again, My house (in Gulpinar) was broken into last week, nothing was taken but there was some breakage of glass and drawers were tipped inside out - probably in the search for cash. Just as well my style of living is pretty minimalist and hopefully word will get around that there is...
  20. M

    work experience english students

    I wonder if anyone can answer this as we do not want to incur the wrath of the Turkish employment system! We run a restaurant on a hotel complex our grandaughter and friend are staying with us for their 6 weeks summer holiday and are asking if they can help unpaid in the restaurant they are 16...
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