1. Tenpin

    News Turkey now has the world’s most expensive iPhone 14

    Turkey overtakes Brazil as it now has the world’s most expensive iPhone 14 https://9to5mac.com/2022/09/08/turkey-worlds-most-expensive-iphone-14/ Extract: For years, Brazil was known for having the most expensive iPhone in the world. This happened with iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and even the...
  2. Tenpin

    News Think the UK petrol prices are expensive?

    Think the UK petrol prices are expensive? How we fare in the top 10 countries with the priciest pumps in the world https://metro.co.uk/2022/06/23/how-does-uk-petrol-prices-compare-to-the-rest-of-the-world-most-expensive-and-cheapest-prices-16878746/ Extract: If you thought the UK was expensive...
  3. S

    Expensive flights

    Fed up hearing Coronavirus is forcing flight prices down as it certainly isn't our experience looking for flights to Turkey Am I just looking too early at 3 months ahead of arrival dates or are all Turkey flights dearer this season?
  4. J

    Relocating- What's Expensive in Turkey, what would you bring?

    Hi, I'm moving from the UK to Ankara in June with my wife and 2 boys (2&3) for a 4 year work placement. I'll be getting a house somewhere just outside the city and most are unfurnished so I get an allowance for new stuff. I can also take 400kg of goods/luggage with me, so I'm wondering what to...
  5. K

    Expensive phonecalls.

    Unexpectedly large phone bill after being accidentally connected to a Turkish mobile service while at sea. https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/travel/2017/10/holidaymaker-sailing-greek-islands-charged-8000-after-her-mobile-used-turkish-network-for-40-minutes
  6. D

    Turkish holiday destinations 21% more expensive than last year

    Daily Mail today ... up to their usual `anti Turkey ` articles Only in Turkey, where inflation is 7.6 per cent – compared to virtually zero in Britain and the eurozone – will Britons find the cost of a day out much more expensive. The figures, compiled for the annual Post Office Holiday...
  7. Yalides

    Expensive pub grub

    Marco Pierre White sells gastro-pub after 'mass walkout' by staff and rebellion by locals | Mail Online Just up the road from us in Whitley. Maybe this will become a proper pub/restaurant in the future....
  8. teosgirl

    Tourists in Bodrum eat the worlds most expensive dinner

    Tourists in Bodrum eat ?the world?s most expensive dinner? - TOURISM I agree that prices in some resorts are getting out of hand, tourists often seem to be the target of higher prices. This practice needs to be halted otherwise it will inevitably effect tourism in the future. Charlotte
  9. stmary

    is it expensive to run a car in Turkey?

    Does anyone know how expensive it is to run a car in Turkey / Altinkum, Where you buy the cars from , maybe a small 3 door jeep ,RAV 4 or do you get round on a dolmus quite happily , or do you really need a car Thank you
  10. P

    Yalikavac expensive? Must be bargain restaurants to be found?

    Hi ya keep hearing how expensive Yalikavac is :( Budget family holiday happening as of this saturday, I would love your suggestions for the best eats out in Yalikavac where I can feed the family great Turkish food PS how much is a meal out for 6 on average? Open to all suggestions, best value...
  11. teosgirl

    Turkey - 2nd most expensive petrol in the world?

    Fuel prices: A never healing wound for Turks According to this article it is. For the third time this month the petrol prices have increased, making Turkey the second most expensive place in the world to buy petrol - at 9.50 dollars a gallon. Time to purchase a bike perhaps?... Charlotte
  12. val2661

    Expensive Barcadi

    I'm visiting Pamukkale for a couple of days and have thoroughly enjoyed the visit. Lovely small hotel which I can highly recommend - Artemis. However a bar I would not recommend is Yesil Vadi, we were charged 50 lira for two bacardis and then 8 lira for the coke to go with them!!!!! We...
  13. J

    Turkey is 60% more expensive than Spain

    Looks like Turkey's going to have another bad year. Report out today says holdays and general prices in Spain are a massive 60% cheaper than in Turkey and that prices in Turkey have rised by a whopping 21% in the last year alone. Costa lot less! Holidays in Spain on the rise as prices at...
  14. perfect1949

    what is the most expensive ever present bought for you at Xmas

    I was bought a solid gold ring , what was your's ? . dave
  15. J

    Expensive luggage!!

    I have just been quoted £80 for each extra 20kg of luggage you take when flying. Does anyone have any experience of how to get our things over to Turkey any cheaper? We need a few suitcases full!!! Thanks
  16. Yalides

    Valentintro, slightly more expensive than efes but better IMO.s hefeweissbier.

    Anyone tried this lager yet ? You get it from Metro, its slightly more expensive than efes but at 5.3% alcohol its on a par with stella and tastier than efes IMO.
  17. Yogi

    The Worlds' Most Expensive Season Ticket

    Is this good value or just a gimmick? --------------- A League One side has trumped Manchester United, Barcelona and AC Milan by selling the most expensive season ticket in the world. Peterborough United are demanding £15,000 for one of 10 'Chairman's Choice' season tickets for the 2011-12...
  18. Mary

    Why is Bodrum more expensive than other areas

    Hi I am not knocking anywhere I love Bodrum BUT it is so expensive compared with other areas that I have visited and Bodrum in my opnion is no better. I am not a snob far from it, we just liked Bodrum and bought on the peninsular. Having now after almost 4 years visited other areas roughly...
  19. Yalides

    Expensive Silvio

    Italy's Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi 'paid TV weather girl £100,000' according to bank records | Mail Online Wow, that,s a lot of dosh for a legover Silvio. She is a looker though. Yes, I said looker.....
  20. B

    More Expensive?

    This in todays paper... "HOLIDAYMAKERS are being urged to book early to avoid major price hikes at popular destinations next summer. Trips to Turkey, Egypt and the United States could cost up to £149 more per person, a travel firm study found.... "
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