1. suzyq

    MPs' expenses: A new cover-up

    I hope this new proposal is not passed MPs accused of expenses fraud will be protected by secrecy under rules unveiled last night. The expenses watchdog wants to withhold the names of those under investigation to save them from ‘reputational damage’. The Independent Parliamentary Standards...
  2. K

    Unpaid medical expenses

    Hi all, Dont spend much time on here, sorry! Anyway, basically my mum and dad had an accident in Altinkum and to cut the story short theyve ended up with a 5000 pound medical bill but the hospital then nocked it down to 3. What happens if they do not pay? What can they actually do? The insurance...
  3. B

    MP,s Expenses, will they never learn?

    MPs' expenses: MPs allowed to hide expenses details - Telegraph What is it with these MP,s, they are still trying to cover everything up. Bill.
  4. M

    cost of living expenses a month

    good morning all, can anyone please tell me if a income of equivalent to £800.00 per month earned in interest would be sufficent to live on a month, there is only two of us no mortgage, no car, we have swimming pool , dont smoke, i would do our own garden and pool maintenance thanks Martin
  5. T

    Living expenses

    :decision: Hello everybody, One of my infrequent posts although I look at the forum most days. I'm asking for some advice as the three bedroom apartment we bought off-plan is now ready, and we paid our first visit over the Christmas period. My wife and I are nearly at the retirement point in...
  6. juco

    Ok for MPs to claim on expenses

    If I am reading this correctly then what he is saying is that it is ok for MPs to pay for transport of children and claim on expenses, or thats what it should be. With all the allowances that they get plus their expenses, then what is their salary for?
  7. J

    Travel Expenses

    Hi All & all fellow Civil Service Workers . Sorry this is not a Turkey Issue . If anyone can answer any of the quires I have included in this thread , please feel free to do so . Or am I an annoying and bothersome wee fart . I work in the Civil Service , I am on a 51 week contract . I...
  8. RedBloodedHound

    MPs Expenses

    Just four; BBC News - Ex-Labour MPs and Tory peer lose expenses appeals Robin.
  9. v6cod

    Three MPs and one peer to be charged over expenses

    Only four charged!!!!! BBC News - Three MPs and one peer to be charged over expenses
  10. barry budd

    Blair expenses

    I wonder why king of Europe tony Blair has not been investigated for expenses considering he owns more than 3 property's over 10 million: & why was the date limited for investigations,set after he left the government :hearnoevi
  11. Martyn

    Clampdown on MPs expenses

    There are new MP expenses recommendations that is going to ruffle a few feathers. MPs stunned by expenses clampdown - Times Online
  12. J


    On Monday our M.P.s return to the House. The expenses scandal is expected to be very much in the news again. The Telegraph say up to 100 members will receive a letter from the Auditors Office regarding claims they have made during the last 5 years. I would think up to 100 to be a mere starting...
  13. jcrian

    More to go on expenses

    Although I don't condone what has been done she still doesn't get the message. MP's always have an answer for everything and can't face reality. Blame the bored teenagers?? BREAKING NEWS: Hazel Blears' car attacked while canvassing in her constituency | Mail Online
  14. Martyn

    List Of Shame - MP's Expenses

    This just angers me so I had to post it. From the Daily Telegraph Diane Abbott does not claim for a second home, but is paid a supplement for living in the capital. “All my fixtures and fittings are paid for out of my basic salary” Gerry Adams and four other Sinn Fein MPs claimed more than...
  15. S

    Living expenses

    How do you fund your living expenses in Turkey if you do not work or have a pension.
  16. B

    coming to Antalya and Monthly expenses

    I need some info please ,my self and my wife are planning for early retirement and just finished our last payment on our new apartment at the Tennis resort , to stay comfortably in Antalya how much money we will need in a monthly base
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