1. yalimart

    Imminent attacks expected

    IS Planning 'Imminent' Attack On Jewish Schools And so they continue with their perverse beliefs. Martin
  2. suzyq

    Price rises expected for fruit and veg

    Frost that hit a number of agricultural products at the end of March will likely result in a roughly 25 percent hike in market prices, sector representatives have said. Heavy snow fell at higher elevations while temperatures occasionally dropped to minus 10 across Turkey, exacting a severe toll...
  3. B

    EDL march. 1,500 expected.

    BBC News - Newcastle EDL march 'attracts 1,500' I'm surprised that this number of people are expected at an EDL rally. As there is to be an opposing rally, I hope that everything remains peaceful, but I doubt it will. Bill.
  4. suzyq

    North African Heat Wave Expected To Hit Turkey

    A heat wave from North Africa is expected to hit Turkey in the coming days, increasing temperatures to nearly 50 degrees Celsius in some parts of Turkey. North African heat wave expected to hit Turkey
  5. ceemac

    More Blue Flags and clean beaches expected for Turkey in 2010

    Although Turkey’s peak tourism season is still months away, members of Turkey’s “Blue Flag jury” met last week to determine which tourist hotspots will win the right to fly the Blue Flag this year. Here C
  6. Andywebb

    Parliament expected to pass mortgage bill

    In todays Zaman. Interesting to see that they are not discriminating between local and international customers. Also the increase in construction is anticipated. Will this mean more intigration of locals into areas that once was just out of their reach and were dominated by international home...
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