1. Freedom 49

    Turkish State Pension for Ex-Pats.

    Yesterday saw me reach another milestone which I never thought about when I moved out here all those years ago. I visited the SGK place in Manavgat 3 months ago to check out the contributions that had been paid in since I took my Turkish Citizenship back in 2000 as I've worked full-time ever...
  2. suzyq

    Navigating your way: Resources for expats in Turkey

    Nice to see Redders got a very good write up. With the end of summer and the coming of fall, many new foreigners may be joining the ranks of expats in Turkey. While this is a wonderful country to reside in, with its deep history, spectacular landscape, excellent weather and rich culture, like...
  3. L

    Any expats living in Izmit?

    Hello, my name is Lina, from the Netherlands. Thank you for accepting me in this forum. I just moved to Izmit last week with my husband. Trying to learn the Turkish language, but this is sooooooo difficult. So I hope to meet expats here, that I can understand. Do you know anybody in Izmit
  4. IbrahimAbi

    Expats worried about forced return to UK

    British pensioners in Spain worry Brexit could force them to return to UK Kelly Hall, Lecturer in Social Policy, University of Birmingham,The Conversation Spain is home to more than 100,000 British pensioners. Most moved there many years ago to enjoy their retirement with the understanding...
  5. C

    Expats to connect with

    Expats to meet I am a 44 years old Turkish lady and I live about 1 drive away from Antalya.I am a medical doctor and have been in the medical field for almost 20 years now. My biggest passion is travelling abroad and meeting cultures different from mine.I have been to almost 30 countries so...
  6. S

    Voting in UK for expats

    How come expats can use their vote in the UK but if we were to go back there to live we are immigrants? We get less rights than 'other' immigrants but when it comes to wanting a vote they need us? I find all this ludicrous and they won't get my vote at all! What do others think?
  7. RedBloodedHound

    NHS to charge Ex-Pats?

    Overseas patients face charges for emergency healthcare - BBC News Quote; "All visitors to the UK and British expats are charged 150% of the cost of non-emergency NHS treatment in order to discourage people travelling to the UK just to use health services - so-called "health tourism". Quote...
  8. K

    Expats in Konyaalti, Antalya

    Hi all, I hope you are all well, I have recently moved to konyaalti with my 5 year old son from the UK and I am looking for other people inn this area who might like to meet for a coffee, or if there are any other meetings already arranged for expats? I don't have a car but if the meeting is...
  9. R

    Tax and insurance higher for expats?

    Are foreigners, expats, charged More for tax and insurance on cars?
  10. C

    Advice on Inheritance law in Turkey for expats

    Hi, Recently my father passed away and his ex-girlfriend has been in touch to let me know. Now she's told me that I'm the only one left in his will, and asked for my number/email to give to his lawyer. I find this odd as my father knew my number and would have given it to his lawyer, so why was...
  11. bickern

    Government U-turn on NHS access for expats

    A promise made less than two years ago to enhance rights to NHS care for Britons overseas has vanished and been replaced by a punitive surcharge. Millions of British expats have been denied access to NHS care which they were promised before the election. Changes designed to end “health...
  12. 5

    best bank in didim for expats

    hi everyone looking at investing about 10k as we already have funds in akbank we were wondering whats the best we could get on a spare £10,000 thanks for your replies
  13. J

    Turkish Credit card for expats?

    does anyone know of a bank in Turkey , that will give a foreigner a credit card . As my bank Yapi will only give to Turkish citizens .need one to pay for online payments etc as they don't except debit cards !!!!! thanks
  14. D

    Health Insurance in Turkey now compulsory for the over 65 expats

    Some friends told us today that, two other friends of theirs within this last week....were told by officials at a hospital in Fethiye ( not sure which one ) that Health insurance is now compulsory for the 65 and older age group when applying for residency, or re newing... can any one...
  15. newhorizon

    Why Do Expats Moan and Why Do Poms Whinge?

    [Note: I did not write this article, so don't blame me :)] Ref at end. We British expatriates are famous for moaning about anything and everything back home and abroad. But is this a fair image that is portrayed, do we whinge too much and if so, what do we complain about most? There is quite...
  16. E

    First ever online insurance service for expats in Turkey

    Due to a recent change in the law, most foreigners are required to have...
  17. K

    Problems for expats using UK banking services

    We are preparing a report on issues that British expats in Turkey have with their banks in the UK. If you are resident in Turkey, and have had problems using UK banking services, simply because you are living abroad, please contact the editor at KTLN with your story. No personal details will...
  18. immac

    Ex-pats to Lose Tax Allowance

    From Telegraph: "Expats who rent out their homes in Britain will be stripped of the right to use the personal allowance, under a tax raid prepared by George Osborne. Britons could be forced to return from retirements overseas if the Chancellor presses ahead with plans to force non-residents...
  19. G

    Ultimate List of Expat Blogs on Turkey

    Whether you're thinking of moving to Turkey, have recently arrived or have been here for a while you'll find something new in one of the expat blogs featured in the weekend edition of Sabah. From the long established bloggers to the newcomers on the scene there's something to interest everyone...
  20. Carolyn

    Expats stranded in Turkey

    Expats stranded in Turkey due to residence permit delays - Telegraph
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