1. immac

    My Expat Network review

    From Techradar "If you need access to any of the popular streaming channels or P2P file exchange, then My Expat Network is a good choice, as long as you don’t mind sometimes volatile download speeds. It is also a solid option for users who want privacy in restrictive countries that may be...
  2. L

    Lots of English reading books I want to give to an expat Bodrum

    Hi All, Over time I have accumulated a lot of books, easy read womens, and also lots of biographies (sports people etc). Too good to throw away. Anyone interested in having some? Free, would just need to meet to give to in Bodrum merkez area only.
  3. H

    Expat community in Calis Fethiye

    I visited this resort on a number of occasions a few years ago and found that it had a close knit expat community. Is this still the case?
  4. C

    Looking for expat english teachers

    I did my TEFL course and have been provided with the international certificate to teach english abroad.As I am a non-native english speaker,I am looking to meet expat english teachers living in Antalya or anywhere else in Turkey.I would appreciate any suggestions/ideas about starting a new life...
  5. C

    My Expat Telly

    Is anyone else having a problem getting English TV via My Expat Telly? I have been using this for over 2 years but for the past 2 days I am unable to gain access to it. Thank you to anyone who might help
  6. G

    expat car ownership in Turkey

    hi.everyone we spend about 4 months a year in alanya we have our tapu (10yrs) but no residency permit as car rental is very expensive we would like to buy a car any idears ??????
  7. L

    Very sad story - Ex-Turkey expat - Bulgaria Murder

    Probably a few of you from Altinkum will have known this poor lady and her husband. British woman murdered in Bulgaria just months after moving there - Telegraph I don't know who added to my subject line and mis-spelled it.....
  8. yalimart

    Immigrant or Expat ?

    Why are white people expats when the rest of us are immigrants? | Global Development Professionals Network | The Guardian Interesting perspective. What are/were you ? Martin
  9. Mushtaq

    Expat Assistance Line from AKBANK

    ​Expat Assistance Line Whether you and your family are in Turkey for professional, residential or educational purposes, Akbank Expat Banking is here to help you make the most of the financial and non-financial opportunities before you. Our team of Expat Assistants are here to provide you with...
  10. SLEEPY

    Expat tax locations.

    The World?s Best?and Worst?Tax Rules for Expats - Expat - WSJ
  11. V

    Expat benefit cheats

    UK Expat benefit cheats living in Turkey have come in at Number 3 in the list of the world's worst areas for benefit crime by British expats. Spain topped the list with 769 Brits being reported for alleged benefit fraud, Pakistan 2nd with 628 and Turkey 3rd with 298. Benefits cheats abroad...
  12. G

    Ultimate List of Expat Blogs on Turkey

    Whether you're thinking of moving to Turkey, have recently arrived or have been here for a while you'll find something new in one of the expat blogs featured in the weekend edition of Sabah. From the long established bloggers to the newcomers on the scene there's something to interest everyone...
  13. S

    new ex-pat

    Hi, just a quick hello to all other users. Partner and I (with dog) arrived in mid March having driven from the UK. We have a small place just outside Marmaris in a village. Loving it so far having got our residency sorted just before the cut off date!
  14. mollag

    Expat text codes

  15. K

    Expat Telly

    Does anybody use this to watch UK TV? Here's the link: Expat Telly Don't want to sign up if it's a scam...but it sounds good.
  16. T

    Expat Shield/BBC Iplayer problem

    Hi, It appears that BBC I Player is no longer free through Expat Shield. If you want to access sites like BBC iplayer, a paywall appears and you need to pay $4.99 a month for hotspotshield elite. Is there a way round this or another way of accessing UK TV. Thanks in advance
  17. M

    new expat in turkey, help ?

    hi to all in the area. My name is mica, British and arriving in uzumlu October this year. Hopefully to stay in this great country and sort of semi retire. Ive been a teacher (ICT, ENGLISH, BASIC SKILLS) for the past 11 years in a secure training centre in the uk and honestly find it...
  18. abba

    Expat bake sale yesterday in Bodrum

    I was happy to come across an excellent array of goodies yesterday at a bake sale organized by an International group of expat ladies. Does anyone know the group, what the funds are used for and if this will be a regular event. I was remiss not to ask. All of the items I purchased were...
  19. Andywebb

    ex-pat pensioners

    This link has been put up here in Spain on a forum. Unsure which pensioners it applies to really. (a) Those that go on holidays longer than 6 months and have a home in the UK, (b) Returning expats that want return home. Ex-pat pensioners denied NHS treatment | Mail Online If this has already...
  20. D

    "Trust Global Radio":- Ex-Pat Radio Station

    If you intend to make a Radio Dedication this morning to Bobby Martin on "trustglobalradio". Don't forget to add your name, where you live, and whom the dedication is for..?? Would you like a Radio Dedication, played out live on air. Then please try - "Trust Global Radio.com". With British...
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