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    Does anyone know what excursions there are that are worth it? it is our first time to turkey. All of the family are not good with long coach journeys so are there any to avoid where the coach journey is longer than 1hour (1hour30 max) We have found some e.g. Chill Out Cruise (looks like 1hour...
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    Us again! Another question, out in Aug with family,(12-50) hoping to book some excursions,already had a few suggestions, but were wondering if places like Sarigerme or Dalyan picked you up from Dalaman?
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    :horse: anybody recommend some dont miss excursions???:horse::horse:
  4. ceemac

    'Excursions' from the Resorts

    Excursion is a word I hate to use as it conjures up all sorts of images. However, I am interested in finding out what these 'trips' are like. For instance, my departure point would be Turgutreis, and I'm talking about journeys by road to Ephesus for example. I hate the thought of these...
  5. H

    Excursions to Ephesus and Pammukale

    Hi there, me again! Could anyone tell me how much I am likely to pay for an excursion to Cotton Castle from either Calis Beach or Fethiye?
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