1. I

    hi all - soon to be bride

    Hey all, thanks for adding me into the forum. I'm from uk and I'm planning on marrying my long term turkish fiancee some time this Year. We haven't decided if we are going to live in uk or tr yet so we are going down the route of potentially applying for visas which takes all the fun out of...
  2. mamish

    Very excited!!

    Oil wrestling in Koycegiz this weekend!! :24: :dance:
  3. M

    Habitation certs on AHV ps Im buying there VERY EXCITED!!!

    Hi, so taking previous welcome and helpful advice from this forum, I visited Altinkum and stayed on the AHV last week and was happy to find that it was exactly what me and my family want/need. I can see that it wouldnt be to everybodys taste but believe me, we had 5 other agents show us around...
  4. C

    Super Excited!

    I cannot wait to get to Altinkum now. Usually going on holiday i'm very apprehensive due to it being new and somewhere i have to get to know and trust, but with this forum i already feel comfortable and so excited to be going there. Thanks you guys for helping making this a little less stressful...
  5. elaine k

    I am very excited!

    I have chosen Dalyan as my holiday destination this year in August, and am very excited about the prospect. I have been looking closely at things to do in this area where to eat and any tips on the local area, and was wondering if there are any recommendations from people on here about things...
  6. N

    i'm so excited

    can't wait,up at 4 am but i dont mind,coming on holiday to bodrum.tripadvisor has had some bad reviews of the a.i food at the hotel,but i don't care,just have to eat out.i'm only going for 1 week,but i won't be able to sleep tonight:114mf:
  7. Rainbow

    I,m So Excited

    I am fit to burst at the seams with excitement. A little car has come on the market that will suit me down to the ground. Today after talks with the owner and some close friends we have decided that it will be mine :) So, assuming that all the paperwork goes through smoothly and financial...
  8. Peaceplant

    So excited !!!

    Well it has been 15 months since I breathed Yalikavak fresh air and ate fresh market fruit and stroked my 2 beautiful cats who I miss soooooo much. So I am so delighted to be coming home just for 2 weeks. Loads of issues still going on that mean we have to continue to live in the UK and we...
  9. claire1976

    5 more days then we're there!! Soooo excited!

    We're flying out on Sunday to see our new apartment and get it furnished.We are so excited! Wish we were staying for longer than a week but hey ho, we'll make the best of the time we have. So looking forward to discovering the area more, seeing whiterock restaurant and just exploring. Can't...
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