1. T

    Book Exchanges

    I have been away from this forum for some time but I am coming to Side for a month on 24 Feb and wondered if anyone knows of a book exchange, with books in English, in the area. The 'Search' box reveals nothing. TLF appears to be quite mild to what it once was or am I mistaken? Greeting from...
  2. SuperBogs

    China suspends military exchanges with US

    BEIJING – China suspended military exchange visits with the United States on Saturday in protest over $6.4 billion in planned U.S. arms sales to Taiwan and warned the U.S. ambassador that the sales would harm already strained ties. The state-run Xinhua News Agency cited the Defense Ministry as...
  3. Ms Who

    Part Exchanges

    As you all know, my house is up for sale. It has had a couple of viewings, a couple who said they would buy it if it were in Altinkum and a couple considering it at the moment who are making their decision over the next couple of weeks. There is also another couple coming out to view in in the...
  4. W

    Property exchanges

    Hi All, I have a friend who as set up a new website for owners who wish to do property exchanges for holidays all over the world. They are looking for owners in Turkey who would be willing to exchange properties. Anyone who may be interested, please contact me for more info. If this thread...
  5. T


    Did anything ever come of this? I saw elsewhere two people have registered websites and it would appear to be a good idea - a sort of informal free timeshare thing that owners could get going between them. anyone else interested in the concept? Thurstan
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