1. Tenpin

    Info Motoring - Driving Licence Exchange Process in Turkey

    Courtesy of Doc Martin © Doc Martin 2017 Disclaimer: The information here is provided as a general guide. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information is up to date and accurate, information given here from the Turkish Government, DGMM, GOC, British Consulate & other official...

    Exchange Loss on House Sale

    A friend from home has just had an offer of several million TL for his house in Bodrum. Unfortunately due to illness he will not be able to come out for 3 weeks ,and he is very concerned that he could lose a considerable amount in exchange losses before he can get out here to close the deal...
  3. A

    Garanti bank - exchange

    I’m new to garanti bank and wondered if anybody could help out with how you exchange pounds into lira? I have a sterling account and a lira account. I would like to change pounds into lira. Does anybody know the steps to do this by logging online via a PC. Also does the bank charge to do this?
  4. mollag

    Sterling exchange.

    Does anyone have any current news on exchanging Sterling for Lira in Turkey? We tried PTT, they exchanged once, second visit we were given short shrift [different teller] HSBC refused point blank, even though we are Premium members [UK not Turkey] Garanti exchanged on production of our Turkish...
  5. O

    I'm moving and would like someone to have my book collection...

    I'll be moving away from Alanya and I won't be able to carry all of my books with me. They are mostly novels in English and most are brand new. I am open for exchange ideas...
  6. C

    Exchange Rate

    What is the current exchange rate please. We can 4.4 in the UK:25:
  7. M

    Exchange Rates

    What has happened to the exchange rate table, usually on the left of the Home page? The heading is there, but no information. Maisie
  8. Y

    Current Exchange Rates

    Hi all we are due out in the next couple of weeks for our final visit of the year. Can anyone tell me what the current local exchange rate is. 4.41 seems to be the best available in the UK at the moment. thanks
  9. D

    Doviz Exchange in Didim?

    Is anyone aware of a Doviz Currency Exchange in Didim? I understand they are usually 'attached' to jewellers shop and give a better exchange rate even than banks (unless you have both sterling and turkish lira accounts) and certainly more than 'normal' jewellers. I'm curious to know if there...
  10. Neil_Denizli

    To Exchange or Not To Exchange

    That is the question ... Is it better to keep several thousand pounds sterling in a sterling account in Turkey with no interest? Or change to lira and get 11% a year and fly in the arrows of outrageous misfortune Apologies to whoever wrote the Shakespeare plays N
  11. T

    Efes and the exchange rate.

    What are the prices like for beer since the increase in exchange rates (thinking Efes as that's my favorite)? Last time we were there the ex rate was 2.82 and Efes was aroung 6-8 Lira - I know that prices tend to alter to cater for the change in ex rates. Although we are AI this year we still...
  12. juco

    Poor TL exchange rate

    I was just thinking (probably badly) more for those that have smaller amounts of money in Turkish banks and have been caught out by the poor exchange rate if converting back to Sterling would it be wise to take some of the TL and buy gold in Turkey or is that just adding to the risk? Anyone got...
  13. N

    banking exchange TRY to GBP now?

    hi all i need to exchange TL back to pound about 60k but exchange rate just shot up does any body think it may drop a bit soon or should i do it now thanks for any help
  14. S

    GBP to TL Exchange Rates

    Hi All Does anybody know how to get the best GBP interest rate over in Turkey. I hope to receive the proceeds of a villa sale soon and Garanti have just quoted a paltry 1.5%. Any ideas anyone? Thanks and best iwshes, Sunseeker
  15. bickern

    TL Exchange, Ouch

    What happened, lira slowly getting stronger and now it drops back again. Any one have an idea why? It cant be due to the swipe at the media this weekend surely.
  16. kemerkid

    Exchange rate indicator.

    This morning I have noticed that the exchange rate, usually displayed on the left of the page is missing. This is the second irregularity I have noticed over the last couple of days. The other item is double posting. When a post is complete and posted, a message is displayed telling you that you...
  17. O

    Language Exchange?

    Anyone willing to language exchange in English or German? I'm a linguist and teacher...My Turkish and English are fluent...
  18. C

    Exchange rate in Didim, Altinkum

    Hi, Does anyone know what the exchange rate is at the moment in Altinkum for GBP?
  19. R

    Exchange Rates in Side

    Hi, can anyone advise what rate is being given for GBP against the Lira at the moment? Thinking I'm probably best to bring sterling this time? Regards Rosie
  20. D

    exchange rate inreasing again

    I see the `exchange rate` creeping up again as more uncertainty grips the country :-( great for the tourists but a bad trend for those hoping it will eventually drop for exchanging lira back to sterling if one wants / or has to :-(
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