1. G

    Excess baggage costs

    Does anyone know how much excess baggage charge would be for a pushchair. Flying with Turkish Airlines. My daughter has bought one in the UK to take back to Ataturk from Manchester. The website is very confusing. Thanks.
  2. Akasya

    Turkish airlines excess baggage

    Flying Turkish airlines London Heathrow / Istanbul Ataturk / Bodrum BJV , does anyone know by chance the cost per kilo of excess baggage . I want to take a top box and two crash helmets ( inside said box ) as EB and for the life of me and cannot work out the costings . Many thanks in advance...
  3. Y

    Thy airlines excess baggage booking

    Can anyone explain how to book excess baggage on a thy airlines flight that is already booked . I have been shopping on my hols and have 20 kilos over my baggage allowance . I thought it would be less expensive to pre book the excess luggage on line a couple of days beforemy return flight...
  4. D

    Excess luggage---which airline has the best terms

    İ usually book cheap and cheerful from İzmir to The Uk in summer but İ know this year i will have a lot of excess luggage on the return leg of the trip...İ am guessing it is best to pre-book for this but i only want the allowance on the return.........any advice which airline is best and how i...
  5. N

    Turkish airline excess baggage

    Hi,am i correct in thinking that thy charge 10 euro per kilo for excess baggage?
  6. suecheshireuk

    Help, excess bagage Aegean air

    Ok, so we have binned about as much as we can/ want to, but still 2kg over, and Aegean do not confirm the cost of excess baggage on their site:45:. Does anyone have any idea what the cost is?? We dont know whether it will be more cost effective to bin decent shoes etc than pay the excess, and...
  7. S

    Excess Baggage

    How much do you think I will be charged to take the sunshine back to the UK when I return on Sunday ?:255ji:
  8. D

    turkish airlines excess baggage charges

    Does anyone know where I can find out how much THY might charge for excess baggage. I am intending to fly from Uk with BA to Istanbul and their charges are quite reasonable if bnooked on-line but the I need to catch a connecting flight to Bodrum with THY and don't want to be "stung" with massive...
  9. P

    Courgette excess

    I currently have no less than 14 different fruit and veg going mad in my garden - I actually couldn't fit the rubarb through the back door! The courgettes have suddenly doubled in size and I had to pick no less than 11 before they turned into marrow. Since the dearly beloved is in Yalikavak for...
  10. M

    Excess baggage to UK

    Can any one tell me how much it is likely to cost to take one extra case to UK. I know I will have to pay £8 per case upto 20kg,, but any idea how much the other is likely to cost, tnanks.
  11. J

    Excess baggage

    We recently flew to Bodrum and back from Gatwick with Thomas Cook. The luggage allowance was just 15kg each (last year it was 20 kg). Travelling with a teenage daughter about to take exams we had a load of books with us and the usual stuff we take out when opening up our villa for the year. We...
  12. pineapple1

    Your excess luggage FREE !!

    I read on the forum about a lady paying over £200 for excess luggage and anoter lady had problems in Istanbul . Well many of you may already know about airport assistance BUT some may not so i thought i.d tell the may Nots , AS well as wheelchair assistance you can bring without charge extra 20...
  13. jcrian

    Excess Baggage

    I picked my wife up last night from the airport and apparently she was charged excess baggage on her flight out from Cardiff with Thomsons. A whole 0.8kg overweight! (20.8kg)She was charged £7.50 despite pointing out that she only weighed 46kg herself and the man behind her was at least three...
  14. S

    Excess Baggage

    Does anyone know if you can book excess luggage on as cargo onto a First Choice flight? We already know we're going to be 18 kilos over on the way back from England and we're looking for the cheapest option of getting the box here. I tried to e-mail First Choice direct but their answer only...
  15. C

    Victory in battle against excess airport departure tax!

    Hi Just to update you on a thread posted a few weeks ago which I cannot locate. I WON!!!!! :thumbup: Having been charged an extra £15 on top of £ 5 already paid in departure tax for a flight departing in May, but booked before the new rules this year, I happened to come accross a posting...
  16. J

    Excess Luggage 'Charges'

    Onur Air Last summer, on our first holiday, we got charged £60 excess luggage on our return flight. Fair kop guv’, as we were over weight! :dooh: Next visit, 2 months later… We were careful how much we packed. Manchester Airport, informed us we were 5 kilos, each, overweight, (because we...
  17. A

    excess baggage charges

    I'm sure you know that on late deal packages you luggage allowance if 15Kg not the standard 20kg and excess is charged £4.00 per kilo. From today Thomas cook will let you upgrade your latedeal allowance to 20kg at time of booking for a cost of £10.00, if you choose to wait and see at check in...
  18. D

    Excess Baggage - Handy Hint

    How to beat excess baggage charge. 1) keep suitcase to the allowance. 2) Keep hand luggage to allowance. 3) Use a trolley to go up to check in desk and hang on the hook under the pushbar a carrier bag with your "extra", like you do with your handbag, they can't see this, as the counter is to...
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