1. Tenpin

    GoDaddy wins our 2020 award for most evil company email

    The domain registrar tricked employees into thinking they earned a bonus. https://www.theverge.com/2020/12/24/22199406/godaddy-wins-2020-stupidity-award What’s the cruelest prank you can make on employees who are struggling during a global pandemic when millions of people have lost their jobs...
  2. bickern

    Pure, unadulterated EVIL.

    ISIS gunmen dressed as cops kill two babies as well as 12 mothers and nurses after storming Afghanistan maternity ward. Three gunmen dressed as police officers stormed maternity hospital in Afghan capital on Tuesday morning, they threw grenades before opening fire with rifles, killing two...
  3. Spurs

    Giving the evil?

    Well the article might have some meaning or truth about it but thats for the German electorate BUT what a look she is giving someone............ :nono::nono::nono: https://www.politico.eu/article/germany-coalition-merkel-step-down-early-poll/
  4. S

    Pure evil

    Sadly there are so many of these type of stories these days that they rarely stand out but this one I found particularly scary US killing: Mother 'sent video of dead son to partner' - BBC News
  5. S

    Evil, pure evil

    Its crystal clear this murderous evil criminal regime does not want agreement, resolution or even peace. They ape their Nazi tormentors from a previous era and the continued existence of their vile regime is an affront to humanity Israel to build 1,500 more homes in settlements - RTÉ News

    More evil spirts

    For those that have some free time this years festival is on from 24th to the 26th of Jan. Would really recommend it. http://www.turkishliving.com/forums/back-room/45290-evil-spirits.html
  7. John O' Dreams

    Evil Genius Toddler

    Evil genius toddler sabotages walking the dog · The Daily Edge
  8. skydog

    Axis of Evil nascent.

    IBD Editorials Iran And Egypt: An Axis Of Evil Blooms In The Mideast Islamism: A long-feared Mideast nightmare is beginning, thanks to a poisonous mixture of dormant historical forces and misguided U.S. policy. Cairo and Tehran, once America's allies, are forming a new axis of evil. It...
  9. J

    Disgusting member posting evil comment

    I am disgusted to read that a member on here finds it FUNNY haha about the property thread where folk have lost THOUSANDS OF POUNDS of money!!! Are the mods going to do something about this? shud she be allowed to post on here with a nasty attitude like that? SHES happy AND FINDS IT FUNNY...
  10. SLEEPY

    Evil spirts 2

    I have reposted the attached thread for members who may be interested in a festival with a difference in Bulgaria. This year its on from Jan the 27 to 29 in the town of Pernik which is just outside Sofia http://www.turkishliving.com/forums/back-room/45290-evil-spirits.html
  11. Rosemary1234


    If any of you have any doubt as to what the word 'EVIL' truly means then read about the one month old baby boy fighing for his life. 'mail online'. I feel sick to the stomach!
  12. G

    Evil is not race specific

    Me and my partner live together in alanya he is studying &will b finished in june. He will come to uk to study further by doing a masters for 2years this will allows us to be together in england and decide where we will settle. He is saving up £8000 for the course.he doesnt want any financial...
  13. SLEEPY

    Evil spirits

    Some friends of mine dragged me off to a mummer’s (Kukeri) festival yesterday in the town of Pernik which is just South West of Sofia. And my word was I impressed and what a days craic. There was literally thousands of mummers kitted out from head to toe with incredible and fearsome costumes...
  14. S

    Evil scum

    Taken along with the recent case of the scumbag who put a cat in a microwave, then a freezer and finally a spin drier I firmly believe those who abuse animals like this will also abuse kids. Sentences should reflect this . BBC News - Edwin Poots in appeal over 'seal killings' in NI
  15. ceemac

    Proof That Girls Are Evil

    This simple algebraic formula proves what I've suspected for years.... C
  16. zuberdust

    the 'evil eye'......

    do you believe in this tradition.......
  17. P

    Why ordinary people do evil ... or do good

    Interesting video. Do you think you are a good person? Think again! YouTube - Philip Zimbardo: Why ordinary people do evil ... or do good
  18. ceemac

    Turkish evil eye

    I'll try again!! I hope this hasn't been posted before (sorry Shirley). I'm trying to discover things about Turkey for my own information, but will post anything I think may be of use or interest to TLF members. "This amulet against evil eye is very typical in Turkey. You can find it all...
  19. P

    americans good or evil?

    what can i say i am sick of hearing about america good or evil? i have my oppinion whats yours?
  20. N

    Evil Eye

    Can someone explain the myth behind those evil eye things and are they actually called evil eye? Anna
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