1. bickern

    Fined for organising a charitable event

    UNWITTING volunteers who organise popular events in the name of charity – in local bars, other venues or even on social media, such as Facebook – may well face hefty fines if they act without first obtaining a license to do so. Charity events in local bars – for everything from street dogs to...

    Bodrum sailing event

    I heard that there is a big sailing event on this Wednesday 22nd October, starting in Bodrum and coming out as far as Turgutreis. I cannot find out anything about it on the internet. Does anyone know if it's on?
  3. mamish

    WOW! again..

    Well the first meeting of WOW! (Women of the World) was very successful and the next one is planned for: Saturday 26 July, 11am to 1pm. The topic will be HYPNOSIS Open to all women in the area (or visiting), this is not a workshop - this is a social event with a theme, and there is no charge...
  4. mamish

    WOW! Women of the World

    New women’s group in Koycegiz.... (Sorry, guys—women only - and no smart comments please!) Every month or thereabouts, depending on the weather, the season, the mood, and the moon! Do you want to unfold your wings, expand your mind , explore the unknown and learn more about what we call...
  5. mamish

    Oil Wrestling near Koycegiz

    Oil wrestling this Sunday (25 May) in Beyagac - about 1.5-2 hrs from Koycegiz. I don't know if it'll be fit men or fat men, but I'll be there anyway! :47:
  6. mamish

    WOW! (Women of the World) Meeting Friday 4 October

    So just one week to the next WOW! meeting (Women of the World!) We'll be discussing the awesome power of emotions and how they rule our lives..... This is a FREE event for women - any nationality, but held in English. Good for meeting like-minded souls! In the meantime I've posted a little...
  7. mamish

    The 28 Day Challenge

    Wherever you are, you can join in! Monday, 29 April 2013, the 28 Day Challenge begins! If you’re ready to take it up, be prepared to change your life! I developed The Magnet 28 Day Challenge in April 2007. For 28 days I posted a new challenge each day to the participants. The aim was to...
  8. mamish

    New Women's Group in Bodrum

    NEW WOMEN’S GROUP First Friday every month, 12.30 to 2.30pm, starting Friday 3 May 2013, at the Guvencer Klinik, Bodrum Exploring topics around mind, body, and spirit – and everything in between! For example, psychic abilities, energy healing, mind power, law of attraction, hypnosis, the...
  9. newhorizon

    Free Red Bull Racing Home Event Today (in U.K)

    A Free Event for anyone interested in F1/Red Bull racing etc taking place today in Milton Keynes, U.K. __________________________________________________ Red Bull Home Run in Milton Keynes 10 December 2011 Milton Keynes will host a huge celebratory free event on Saturday 10 December 2011...
  10. I

    OktoberFest 7th-9th Oct Event

    For anyone that is staying in or visiting Izmir the Swiss Hotel is bringing October Fest to Izmir October Fest tickets and details can be seen on Bilitix. Isla x
  11. S

    sad event

    BBC News - Whales found dead on Donegal beach
  12. J

    Turgutreis World Animal Day Event

    To mark World Animal Day and raise funds for the street dogs and cats of Turgutreis, there will be a bric-a-brac/bake sale and other activities this Monday, October 4 in Turgutreis. (Organized by the Bodrum Animal Rights Association Turgutreis Branch) All welcome and please tell all your...
  13. mummyduck

    Ebor Event - 17th - 20th August

    Well the famous Ebor event is almost upon us and I suspect that the weather will let us down, as it has for several years. 2 years ago the whole event was rained off and last year wasnt much better BUT if every TLFer has a few words with him upstairs and emails Carol Kirkwood on the BBC I might...
  14. D

    happy event

    just had to say i became a grandad today for the first time. my daughter had a lovely baby boy today, 7 lb 10 oz and both are doing well. davido
  15. A

    29 October Banks Shut + 10 Nov Event

    On October 29, 1923, the Turkish constitution was amended and Turkey became a republic. This formally declared the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire. Republic Day (Cumhuriyet Bayramı) is celebrated throughout Turkey every year. Commemorative events usually begin in the afternoon on the previous...
  16. A

    3rd and 4th Oct - 5 Lire Antalya Event -

    :mullet:Thıs coming Saturday and Sunday = Antalya Oktoberfest Oct.03 - Oct.04, 2009 Location; Aktur Lunapark ( across from the MMM Migros shopping center ) Gates open at 14.00 and the ticket cost is 5 liras at the door. There is a parking lot nearby as well. www dot biletix dot com / event...
  17. M

    Fundraising Event in Turgutreis

    A fundraising event will held in Turgutreis on 10th Oct to raise money to feed the street cats and dogs over the Winter. It will be held at The Corner Pub on Bar St between 11am and 4pm. Home made cakes, jams, chutneys etc will be on sale, also a large selection of books, CDs and Bric a Brac...
  18. E

    Tragic Event

    2 weeks ago very unusual event taken place in Koycegiz. On this tragic event 3 people died and one was a nice traffic policeman. One victim and one police have been murdered by a criminal and this killer shoot himself from his head in the end. It was happened in a very quiet neigbourhood. Our...
  19. L

    Social Event in Gumbet Jan 15

    I've just been down to Sue's Place in Gumbet and heard that they are having a guitarist there on Thursday January 15. He specialises in hits from the 60's and 70's. Kick off is at 7.30 and there's no entrance fee. Sue is making curry, which from experience, I can say is gorgeous. Should be a...
  20. B

    Property Ownership in event of death - Inheritance

    Hi - can anyone help ? Have been told of a new law (?) stating in event of death, ownership of a property reverts back to the state. So if we own with joint ownership, half of the property reverts back to the state ? Do we need a turkish will to avoid this ?
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