1. bickern

    The European Union 'bailout'

    The devil is in the details, but EU leaders this week will wrangle a deal which might be a starter’s pistol for Brussels to fall on its sword. The coronavirus in Italy is the European Union's worst nightmare in its short and unremarkable life. The public has watched, and Italians in particular...
  2. B

    Eastern European Farm Workers

    I see that we can't cope without Eastern European farm workers. Popular belief is neither will the NHS or care homes be able to recruit staff. How do little Englanders feel about this?
  3. Tenpin

    European Parliament mulls allowances for home-working MEPs Most MEPs are working remotely given the pandemic. The European Parliament is debating whether to retain MEP daily allowances, even when they work remotely from home. The daily €323 lump sum is meant to cover things like hotel bills and meals...
  4. bickern

    European Convention on Human Rights

    UK ready to QUIT European Convention on Human Rights which has blocked deportation of dangerous foreign criminals, setting up row with the EU and within Tory ranks. Government source says that the UK 'will uphold human rights in our way' Dominic Cummings last year branded current system...
  5. juco

    European crime wave PDF

    I haven't read this yet but sounds interesting........... The Migrant Crime Wave is a book written by Janice Atkinson, MEP and VP of the Europe of Nations and Freedom group. Conservative Brexiteer. In her exposé, Janice exposes what has been sold to us as a ‘multicultural utopia’, as the...
  6. Yalides

    European elections

    Is the liberal mainstream political scene going to get a shock from right leaning parties in upcoming European elections ?
  7. juco

    European banking

    What the heck is going on with the banks these days! European Central Bank cuts main interest rate to zero to try to lift eurozone economy In another stimulus move, the ECB has also again cut its deposit rate for banks leaving money on deposit with it. That was already negative meaning banks...
  8. Mushtaq

    More problems coming to Europe as result of US and European foreign policies?

    Seems like the policies that help create chaos in the middle east will have long term damaging effects for Europe. I wonder how many of the 1000s of new refugees hitting European shores are ISIS members...
  9. T

    European Parliament urges Turkey to respect freedom of press

    The European Parliament has criticized the Dec. 14, 2014 operation against TV stations and newspapers with alleged links to Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen, in a joint motion that is set to be voted on Jan. 15, also recalling that “a free and pluralistic press is an essential component of any...
  10. T

    Party of the European Left (EL) assist Kobani & remove PKK from EU terrorist list

    The Party of the European Left (EL) has decided at a meeting of its Presidential Council in Athens to launch a campaign to provide economic and political support for Kobanê and for the removal of the PKK from the EU's list of “terrorist organisations” HDP European Representative Eyyüp Doru, who...
  11. MiddleEarth

    European Immigration-Did you know?

    Some very interesting statistics posted here, some quite surprising. Today’s key fact: you are probably wrong about almost everything The actual percentage of Muslims in the UK is 5%, but those surveyed by Ipsos Mori said they thought it was 21%. People in the US similarly overestimate the...
  12. suzyq

    European court of HR tell Turkey to end compulsory religion course

    European court tells Turkey to end compulsory religion course The article below says more
  13. L

    European Roaming in Turkey

    Anybody tried searching for a Greek phone signal whilst in Turkey and using your European roaming charges, I managed to get Vodafone GR whilst in Yalikavak earlier this year but I couldn't get 3G.
  14. B

    European Elections.

    BBC News - In graphics: Big issues in European election European scepticism seems to be growing throughout Europe. The elections could prove to be very interesting, especially when you look at the charts relating to employment and non-employment in Europe. The youth...
  15. T

    Abdullah Öcalan detained contrary to European convention

    Abdullah Öcalan A?HM'den 'Öcalan' karar? - Avrupa-
  16. O

    Statement from the European Union on the agreement reached by the Greek Cypriot and T

    EUROPA - PRESS RELEASES - Press release - Statement from the European Union on the agreement reached by the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot leaders on a joint declaration and on the resumption of the negotiations
  17. A

    European Estate Calis Beach

    Hello. Has anyone used European Estate agency in Calis? Any comments welcome.Derek.
  18. E

    European Film Festival in Izmir

    Hello, there is a European film festival going on in izmir for a few days. If anyone is interested in going let me know.
  19. bickern

    Milk of Magnesia – outlawed by the European Union

    Sometimes I am bewildered. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- A beloved British medicine has disappeared from shelves after falling foul of EU rules. Milk of Magnesia – used for generations to combat indigestion, ulcers and upset tummies – has been...
  20. suzyq

    UEFA bans Beşiktaş and Fenerbahçe from European competitions

    UEFA's Control and Disciplinary Committee has banned Beşiktaş and Fenerbahçe from European competitions on match-fixing charges. Beşiktaş has been banned for one year while Fenerbahçe has received a two year ban, with an additional one year that could eventually be converted into a cash fine...
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