1. Tenpin

    News Europe Does A Complete U-Turn On African Oil And Gas

    Europe Does A Complete U-Turn On African Oil And Gas Extract: As European governments race to secure every drop of natural gas that they can, consumers in countries like Nigeria and Mozambique...
  2. Tenpin

    News Airport chaos

    Airport chaos: All countries reporting major delays and queues as problems sweep Europe Which countries are facing long delays and queues? Airports across some of...
  3. bickern

    Does Europe Need An Army?

    Will a European army become a reality one day? The debate on the European Union’s military capability has been going on since its founding. But with the Trump administration pulling back from NATO and the world order looking increasingly volatile, will this finally push Europe to take charge of...
  4. S

    Europe starts to reopen

    It's very encouraging to see countries taking steps to move towards relative normality Here in Spain some places are now open, Italy is to open almost entirely early June and today Greece opened beaches etc Greece: Athens residents flock to beach as COVID-19 lockdown eased - YouTube
  5. S

    All Brexiteers- Happy Europe Day

    A very happy Europe Day to all Brexiteers, Remainers and couldnt care lessers
  6. bickern

    The sovereignism sweeping Europe

    The sovereignism sweeping Europe Even in these days of coronavirus panic, what we Italians call sovereignism is the real threat. Countries that lock themselves within their borders, countries that delude themselves they can face the future alone by relying on some theatrical leader...
  7. S

    Visa card outage across Europe

    Visa payment disruption hits Europe - BBC News
  8. C

    Primera - New flights to Europe

    Primera, based in Denmark and Latvia, are launching new flights this summer, from London Stansted, to Malaga, Mallorca and Alicante. Flights will start in April 2018. Hopefully low prices, will certainly offer more competition on these routes. You never know, maybe flights to Turkey in the future.
  9. immac

    Vision for Europe

    The EU has signed off a new "agenda for a more united and stronger" Europe. Set out in "The Future of Europe" it includes a number of sweeping reforms to harmonise the Union. Turkey will not be part of the new EU. As part of the plan, it will have a "...banking union across all member states...
  10. bickern

    Views on Turkey and Europe

    Views on Turkey and Europe The Power of Words: Views on Turkey and Europe (Elif Shafak & Ali Aslan) | DLDeurope 16 - YouTube Hmm, she talks well and I have to agree with her on many points.
  11. bickern

    The EU talks about Europe being free.

    Steven Woolfe MEP‏ The EU talks about Europe being free. That freedom came at a huge cost for Britain in the blood & sacrifice of millions - not the EU project. Well said that man!
  12. Mushtaq

    Jordan's king accuses Turkey of sending terrorists to Europe

    King Abdullah of Jordan accused Turkey of exporting terrorists to Europe at a top level meeting with senior US politicians in January, the MEE can reveal. The king said Europe’s biggest refugee crisis was not an accident, and neither was the presence of terrorists among them: “The fact that...
  13. D

    A turkish friend plans to ride his m'c up thru Europe and...

    İ wonder the border position on the route back to the uk from Turkey....he plans to ride as a holiday and finish by a tour in the uk ....will the borders be closed due to the migrant problems ?....he is organising it all for himself and just asking me about visas etc....but i wondered...
  14. Mushtaq

    More problems coming to Europe as result of US and European foreign policies?

    Seems like the policies that help create chaos in the middle east will have long term damaging effects for Europe. I wonder how many of the 1000s of new refugees hitting European shores are ISIS members...
  15. B

    Should Jews leave Europe and go to Israel

    Netanyahu says European Jews should immigrate to Israel - Al Jazeera English Is Mr Netanyahu right to suggest that European Jews should leave Europe and go to Israel? Bill.
  16. Jaycey

    8 Most Underrated Countries in Europe …

    8 Most Underrated Countries in Europe | Womanitely
  17. Spurs

    The Queen of Europe

    That would be the nail in the coffin if true that yet again Merkel put the skids under DC. From where I am sitting it appears that everything needs to be run through Germany before any member state says boo. The continuous expansion plans of the EU have done nothing for "peace in Europe" which...
  18. yalimart

    Turkey Vs Europe

    Avrupa`ile, Türkler aras?ndaki farklar !!! - YouTube Sums it up for me. Martin
  19. mollag

    Europe - Turkey, a comparison.

    Folks this is sooooo right, Shirleyann, there is a special one in for you :438qr: Turkey vs Europe xD.240.mp4 - YouTube
  20. L

    Travelling across Europe using a car with Turkish plates

    Hi. Has anyone recently driven through the EU using a car with Turkish numbers plates? Any tips please on insurance, breakdown cover or any problems you've come across, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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