1. mollag

    Euro election

    So, yet another for us to bicker about, what's the thoughts? A success in Europe for the parties who want nothing to do with Europe? Little Tommy gets elected then banned for using a false passport ? Nigel get re elected having never left the pub.? People view it as a big Meh! and vote by...
  2. F

    Euro 2024 to Turkey?

    It would be great if Turkey hosted the Euro 2024 in football!!
  3. juco

    Sterling to Euro

    For those that holiday outside Turkey (assuming I am reading this correctly) it would appear there is a good chance the exchange rate could improve towards 1.30 in the coming months from the current 1.17.
  4. gally

    Euro 2016 on Filmon?

    Anyone know how to get round the blackout restriction on ITV on Filmon. Just lost it as the game was starting.
  5. A

    Euro's 2016

    well well well , Who would have thought that Wales can play proper football. Great game to watch. Well done Wales (I think Gary Speed is looking down on them) Might be worth a punt to win the final.:Flower:
  6. Mag

    Euro 2016

    Well done Turkey, great win over Czech Republic, and some great football by the Turkish team.
  7. TNT123

    The Euro's TV Lıstıng

    If thıs has been put on here before sorry Mod's deleate ıt.Thıs a tıme and date for all the foot matches.For us that lıve here ın Turkey add 2 hrs to the tımes. Euro 2016 TV schedule: BBC and ITV live matches and fixture calendar. What England, Wales and Ireland matches are on BBC, ITV or S4C?
  8. W

    Euro 2016 on Turkish tv

    Does anyone know which Turkísh tv channels will be showing the games live?Our package has finished and we go back over to Turkey tomorrow,and I'm not going to bother renewing it unless I can watch tge games on it. I wouldn't mind watching the games in a bar,but even my understanding wife may...
  9. teosgirl

    ECHR fines Turkey 1 million Euro

    ECHR fines Turkey to pay 1 million euros to main opposition CHP - POLITICS That will hurt (not financially of course). The number of rulings against Turkey continues to rise... Turkey tops ECHR list in freedom of expression violations in 2015 - RIGHTS Charlotte
  10. W

    eating out at Euro bar in Dalyan

    Last night we visited the Euro bar in Dalyan with a couple of Turkish friends, it was about 9 in the evening, restaurant empty apart from 2 friends of the owner, we walked in, no discernible greeting, we ordered our food, most of the menu was unavailable, so we had fish and chips, chicken etc...
  11. juco

    If Greece exits the Euro?

    I am not too well versed on the financial aspect of UK banks but if Greece goes bust, and exits the euro zone, what are the implications for UK banks? I just dont want to be last in the queue! Anyone got thoughts on this?

    Help - use Euro or Lira in Marmaris?

    Hi everyone, can anybody answer my question, is it lira or euro being used in Marmaris at this moment. I will thank you now for your help. Cheers
  13. T

    Euro Tunnel Closed!

    Closed until further notice. "Holidaymakers are facing hours of travel misery after all Eurostar trains were cancelled due to a lorry fire in the Channel Tunnel." Eurostar trains cancelled amid fire - BT Sorry, I should have put this info in a travel or motoring/cars forum. can a mod move it...
  14. Spurs

    Greece & the Euro

    Here we are again, the will they wont they? I can understand where the Greeks are coming from, they have been taking a right beating over the last few years. Its all well & good the German Finance Minister saying "you cant do that" or the EU elite telling the Greek people "its working". Like...
  15. S

    Smashing Euro property bargain !!!!
  16. D

    Euro winner

    The Euro winner can sing.....
  17. yalimart

    Bargain euro plug adaptors

    CPC voucher codes, Discount codes & Deals - Money Saving Expert This may be of use to some, I just ordered 5 of them for £1.68 delivered, seen the at Manchester airport fo a fiver each These are 34p each Martin
  18. D

    TRIPLEX VILLA for Sale - 65,000 Euro

    Triplex Villa For Sale (For Sale by Owner) - WAS 75,000 Euro (Triplex - Yeni Net Fiyat - Sahibden) NOW REDUCED to 65,000. Includes - Full Tapu, Tedas Registered. Adres :- 11 Palm Villa Sitesi, Buyukyer Mah, Payallar, Alanya. This Family Sized Luxury Villa near Alanya in Turkey is located on the...
  19. K

    Warning..My Villa sold and Im down 100k euro

    Hi all. haven't been on for a while but need some help and opinions please. Basically I stupidly didn't realise that I had given power of attorney to a so called friend of mine of 9 years which included the words SELL... in it and basically that's what he did. Almost 1 year ago and I have no...
  20. stmary

    Is the Turkish lira changing to Euro

    Hi < just been into our post office and asked how much lira will we get for the pound , she then said oh the Turkish Lira by November will all be in Euro , we stood back and said we will have to check this out as what about peoples savings in the banks , She then said Turkey will join the euro ...
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