1. keny

    linda estates

    Has anyone been able to contact Didim Marina Emalk? There email address is void.Does anyone know an alternative email address? Thanks.
  2. A

    White Trees Estates in Altinkum - any feedback?

    A friend is looking at buying and was wondering if anyone has had any dealings with an Estate Agent called White Trees Estates based in Altinkum, any info would be much appreciated. Thanks
  3. G

    Whitetrees estates

    Anyone heard of Whitetrees estates if so can you comment, We have a villa for sale on this forum and these people have come back to us, they are based in Didum. Marie Gokton2some
  4. T

    Assured Estates

    I came across this agency on another forum. They are using the escrow method, i.e. solicitor in the UK keeps the money until title deed is ready in new buyers name, then pay the seller. You put your property on the site yourself and set your price, they charge 2.5% for sole agency sale. What...
  5. giglets

    Onur Estates

    Hi folks, Has anyone had any dealings with Onur Estates, Fethiye - good or bad? We met them last year and thought they were very honest and trustworthy. We intend to buy a property in the Fethiye/Uzumlu area this year and will probably do so through them. Any info will be most appreciated...
  6. T

    Alanya estates

    hi anyone had any dealings with alanya estates in tosmur alanya ??...Tracy
  7. J

    White City Estates

    Does anyone know where the white City Estate is in Akbuk? What is the area like? What is the location? Any info on the houses there?
  8. S

    Blaming agents: Statement of Lagoon Estates Ltd.

    Dear friends, dear forum members, dear customers, After our open invitation; to sort out problems in a civilised and professionel platform, no action is taken by the blaming customer neither by the blaming estate agent. We just wanted to inform all participants of this and the Life in Fethiye...
  9. M

    Onur Estates in Fethiye

    Hi all Has anyone had any dealings with Onur Estates of Fethiye? Would like to hear all about them, good or bad. Send private email if necessary.
  10. P

    diamond estates

    has anyone heard of or had any dealings with diamond estates in fethiye, i have never heard of them before only my sister is looking for property and was looking at an advertisement in the LOOT here in england, and i could not help her. are they a genuine company?
  11. holidayworld

    Beware of Some Estates Agents.

    Just thought I would let people know that there has been problems with an Estate Agent called Bella who worked for REDTECH from what I've been told by a customer she has been RIPPED of by her for a lot of money. Putting thousands on the price and also charging more than normal for Lawyers i.e...
  12. lorraine

    Beware A1 Estates

    just a quick negative word re A1 estates in the Fethiye region. a couple of friends have purchased through this company and have a list of complaints re the build and after sales services, they and their neighbours have been complaining to the company for months now and nothing is being...
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