1. P

    Essential information

    As I have mentioned in a previous post I am coming to live in Bodrum for a full year in just a couple of weeks and as there is such a wealth of experience on TLF, people with many mixed experiences so I wondered, if you could offer just 3 pieces of advice about life/living in Turkey what would...
  2. D

    is getting a turkish license essential?

    i ride a scooter and the family car about---i often get stopped on my scooter for my total disreguard of the rules--ie riding with no helmet on main roads but the police just wave me on because i have a uk license with european status--i am wondering if i am totaly legal to drive the family car...
  3. shirleyanntr

    essential words 1.

    Here are three words that are essential VAR YOK MI/MU Since there is no Turkish word for HAVE or HAVENT nor to ask about them, the following expressions are used. VAR this is used to say there is something. .it exists YOK this is used to say there isnt something...
  4. Lindy

    Tips on the types of essential foodstuffs to buy

    Hi it would be useful if anyone could provide tips on what types of essential foodstuffs to buy e.g. milk, butter etc. and what brands, Turkish names etc. I am sure it is a process of trial and error, which many members have already gone through. Many thanks Linda :)
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