1. SonnyJim

    Old Eski Datca House

    This old house in Eski Datca has always facinated me and up until a few months ago it was almost impossible to see as the garden was so overgrown. Apparently it has now been sold and is going to be renovated. Everything crossed that it will be done sympathetically.
  2. K

    Break-in Eski Datca

    Any further information on Eski Datca break-ins? Would really like more details if you have them.
  3. jandj

    Eski Foca

    Todays Daily Mail carries an article on Eski Foca's holiday resort Turkey family holidays: Why Neilson's active hoildays are great for all the family | Mail Online doesnt mention the town much, but an interesting read
  4. SonnyJim

    Fire in Eski Datca

    There has just been a large fire in Eski Datca, on land above our house. It was started by men burning olive/almond trees. Fortunately not too windy today, so was put out fairly quickly with fire engines, planes and helicopters. The response was immediate and effective - well done Datca...
  5. V

    New video: Eski Datca

    We made a new short video about eski datca. I hope you like it: YouTube - Eski Datca in Turkey on the Datca Peninsula
  6. D

    anyone going to eski foca this summer?

    i get marrooned in eski for most of the summer-anyone fancy a meet up-the wife will come too-of course--give anyone an excuse to come see the place!
  7. Yildez Datca

    Dogs poisoned in Eski Datca

    Yesterday afternoon my dog was poisoned whilst we were walking in Eski Datca. Fortunately I was SonnyJim and her dog and she recognised the first signs immediately. Thanks to her and her husband's speedy response and action, and to friends in Datca who keep the antidote and syringes in their...
  8. L

    Looking to find friends in Eski Foca

    :high5:Hey there! I just moved to Eski Foca with my husband and 8 yr old son from San Francisco. Can't get over how similar the weather is here! I would love to form a women's group in this sleepy town. It is making ME sleepy! I need to WAKE UP! Not sure what we could even do, other than sit...
  9. V

    Melissa Garden Centre Eski Datca

    Does someone has the contact details of this garden center? Email or website. Thank you very much in advance! Jeroen
  10. kaplumba

    Silk production in Eski Datca

    I found this article in sunexpress news. I've never been aware of this in Eski Datca - has anyone else heard of it? Sericulture Regenerates in Datça 29.06.2007 17:17 Datça, pronounced Datcha, is the name of the 80 km long peninsula National Reserve between Aegean and the Mediterranean...
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