1. bickern

    Police chief steals but ESCAPES JAIL

    11 charges and he gets a suspended sentence, would a civilian get that I wonder. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Police chief steals thousands from PTA and Scouts – but ESCAPES JAIL A POLICE chief who swindled thousand of pounds from a school PTA and...
  2. mamish

    Erdogan's son escapes from Rome??

    This has been picked up by all sorts of little news agencies on the web - all copying each other - but there is nothing on the source site, Rai News 24, that I can see to back it up. True or not?? Rome?s Police spokesman: Saudi embassy helped Erdo?an?s son to escape the police custody; using a...
  3. bal canavar

    Hostage Escapes

    Good on Lorenzo Vinciguerra for hitting back at these extremists . Swiss photographer held hostage by Islamist extremists for two years escapes by grabbing machete and cutting captor's throat in dramatic break for freedom. A Swiss wildlife photographer who was held hostage by Islamic...
  4. teosgirl

    Teacher Peter Harvey escapes jail

    Teacher Peter Harvey Escapes Jail For School Pupil Attack With Dumbbell | UK News | Sky News 2 years community service for almost killing a child in his care. Whilst I believe teachers have a hard time disciplining students at school these days, we need to be careful what signals we're...
  5. ceemac

    Henry Escapes Punishment

    What a surprise - not!! Fifa have announced they will take no disciplinary action against Thierry Henry over his handball in France's World Cup qualification play-off against the Republic of Ireland. Here C
  6. P

    Rick Steins Mediterranean Escapes

    Just switched on to the new Rick Stein food programme. He is travelling the Med from France to Morocco including Turkey, discovering the food and culture of each region. Not sure when the Turkish leg will be on but all worth a watch.BBC2 Wednesday 8pm. Bet I'll get the munchies by the end of it!
  7. merlin

    Turkey Holiday Mum Escapes Jail....

    A mother who allegedly left her three young children at home while she went on a two-week holiday to Turkey will appear in court today. Kelly Ann Piggford, also known as Rogerson, of Red Hall estate, Darlington, County Durham, will appear before magistrates in the town accused of three counts...
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