1. IbrahimAbi

    Carlos Ghosn escape

    Anyone been following this? Turkish private jet company involvement. He walks out of his house and gets on a bullet train..... The fact that there are no luggage checks on private jets in Japan blows me away A court in Tokyo had allowed Ghosn to keep a second French passport as he needed it to...
  2. juco

    How to escape the police!

    How to escape the cops - YouTube
  3. mamish

    Erdogan's son escapes from Rome??

    This has been picked up by all sorts of little news agencies on the web - all copying each other - but there is nothing on the source site, Rai News 24, that I can see to back it up. True or not?? Rome?s Police spokesman: Saudi embassy helped Erdo?an?s son to escape the police custody; using a...
  4. B

    MP's escape.

    MPs to escape expenses investigations after paperwork destroyed by Parliament - Telegraph Just when will MP's realise that the public are not total fools? Bill.
  5. suzyq

    Lira may need higher interest rates to escape emerging markets rout

    21 August 2013 /REUTERS, İSTANBUL, ANKARA The Turkish central bank's latest tightening may briefly boost the lira, but the currency could need far higher interest rates to protect it from the current emerging markets rout. The bank's decision on Tuesday to raise the upper end of its interest...
  6. D

    Escape From England !!!!!

    Hi every one , I,m new today , I,m in England , Enfield looking out of my bedroom window ,watching snow coming down jezzz ,, Ive been to Turkey many times and just love it there,,So Ive decided to rent my house out and head to south coast Turkey ,,If any one is wondering ,,,I,m English...
  7. arrian

    Miracle escape!!!!

    how lucky is this man? and all the skiers who could have been killed or injured! Now THAT'S a lucky escape! Miracle as driver survives 4x4 being flattened by 20-tonne boulder on French Alps road | Mail Online
  8. Y


    coming to Turkey soon, last minute impulse to escape the daily grind and the weather and indulge my need to feel free for a little while; seriously considering whether to use my return ticket! Can't wait to feel the sun and eat olives on the balcony.
  9. Tommie

    Afghanistan: Hundreds escape from Kandahar prison

    Has anyone seen The Great Escape? BBC News - Afghanistan: Hundreds escape from Kandahar prison I would have thought it was unbelievable that so many could escape. It makes you wonder who is running this place.
  10. juco

    Will T Blair escape this one?

    At last, the damning evidence that should bury Blair for his lies over Iraq. Mail online. Iraq war Chilcot Inquiry: New evidence should bury Tony Blair for lies | Mail Online
  11. arrian

    horror smash..lucky escape

    Lucky escape for Ohio driver in horror crash - Yahoo! News UK
  12. shirleyanntr

    escape from hospital

    i had to give you this follow up on Yusuf's i can hardly take it in myself... İ came back to Alanya from Antakya last night as i had some business to see to and Mehmet was being told by the doctor he had to walk.. he was in pain and didnt want to weight bear. He's also weak and has...
  13. G

    escape route to turkey !!!

    there must be enough of us waiting to go out to turkey for longer than 2 weeks ,we should be trying to organise ways to get there .i for one would be willing to share travel costs ,or maybe go with someone else via train and ferry so i am not travelling alone .there is far too much gloom about...
  14. PDM

    Escape Route Home

    Day 5 and still no light at the end of the tunnel, as to if and when we can return home. Have started looking at other options of how to get home without flying. Also we have 3 young Foster children that we need to get reurned home for school. Driving is out of the question, dont think the local...
  15. Martyn

    Lucky escape

    Video: miraculous escape as lorry pushes car up the M1 - Times Online
  16. S

    escape from winter

    As teleworker (using IT as a working tool) the place of work does not matter we are third year having our winter not in cold and grey homeland but where is warm and sunny:-). This year in Antalya after a failed attempt to stay for 4 month in Lebanon. As we just moved to Konyaalti and would like...
  17. N

    Quiz Night - Escape Cafe & Bar, Koca Calis

    Quiz Night - every Monday, starting 30th November - Escape Cafe & Bar, at the roundabout at the top of Sokak 115, Koca Calis - 1930 Start - Teams of Four (or thereabouts) - No money , just for FUN. Everyone made very welcome, meet old friends and make some new ones. Denise
  18. ceemac

    British Woman Has Narrow Escape

    The gas cylinder in the British couple’s apartment blew up. The telephone man downstairs ran up and threw the cylinder in flames in the swimming pool, preventing a disaster. Here C
  19. C

    Gas escape - warning!

    Hi everybody, We have an apartment on Sunflower and have been here since 12th September. Our neighbours across the landing came out for a week. They left on the Saturday and on the Tuesday when we were coming out of our apartment there was a strong smell of gas. Pete fetched the security...
  20. Martyn

    Lucky escape

    This girl had a lucky escape. BBC NEWS | UK | Wales | Girl talks of cliff plunge escape
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