1. A89

    5 iplayer error message

    Has anyone found a solution to the error message that keeps coming up on 5 ıplayer after adverts? Its driving me mad! When it does occur I cant play the rest of an episode until the next day. Their help centre says its related to Chrome browser but a few weeks ago I trıed using fırefox and it...

    Tfl error

    Some threads are not opening on android phones namely the Brexit and Trump threads. Could some one try to fix them as I am in M&S on Oxford Street and tortured.
  3. A

    Law 6458 Residence Permits translation error

    Many of us know that Article 33 paragraph (c) of LAW 6458 states: "Under the following cases a short-term residence permit shall not be granted, shall be cancelled if has been issued, and shall not be renewed when:" "[the foreigner] lived outside of Turkey for longer than one hundred and twenty...
  4. J

    PC Error - advice please!!

    Just picked my laptop up a couple of days ago, after it being in the computer place because it was unable to start up. I'm not a computer geek, but presume it had a virus on it and when I got it back it seemed ok. However, today, every few minutes I keep getting an error message saying...
  5. F

    cartel air con unit error E4

    Any advice? Any referals re: air con engineers in Gumusluk/ Yalikavak? Thanks everyone x
  6. H

    Child's Birth Certificate Error?

    Hello, My brother has married a Turkish girl in Turkey a few years ago and have just had a baby at a private hospital in Turkey. However, my brothers name is not on the birth certificate but is on the Formul A. This sounds strange to me but was done at the hospital - is this correct? If not...
  7. S

    online buddie error!!!!

    Is there any more disheartening TLF experience than sending someone the wee application for them to be your online buddy.......and they send word back "NO!"!!!!!!!
  8. newhorizon

    Forum FATAL error! - what does this mean?

    Opps! Got this when trying to reply to a post today. Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in on line 279 Also since last couple of days its taking longer for my reply to post (but that could be my end) though it seems to be more on this website, not others. Can you also...
  9. L

    Error Message in Windows 7

    I keep getting an error message whenever I eject a disk from my drive. The error messsage reads : CorelIOMonitor.exe There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive E. This also happens when I remove a USB stick. Should I be worried about it or just ignore it! Thanks, Lesley
  10. S

    Serious error on TLF

    I must highlight a serious error in the Simpsons Millionairre game on TLF The price that comes up on the cash register when Maggie is swiped is 486.52 which does not correspond to any of the option answers in question 14 Shirleyanne therefore has won by default and her integrity, honour and...
  11. R

    Runtime error

    I have a TOSHIBA equium laptop is about 3 years old. recently every time I switch it on I get a message that says, runtimer error pure virtualfunction call microsoft visual c++ runtime library. I recently tried to download some games from "ALL GAMES" could this be the problem. or is my comp...
  12. ceemac

    Error Message

    Anyone else getting this message? I get it frequently then I'm kicked out and have to load the page again. C
  13. KKOB

    Error 1722

    Mrs KKOB is having trouble with one of the games she plays online. She keeps getting a message that Windows Installer cannot continue due to Error 1722 We've looked it up on Google and the Microsoft site but there's just pages and pages of links and stuff that we just can't understand. Anyone...
  14. C

    509 bandwidth error

    God i now know i am addicted while flying through the posts today i decided to refresh and then it happened the error message came up 509 Bandwidth limit exceeded this was at 4.10pm no more tlf then till 20.11 god i would never have beleived it i would have missed it that much or is it the...
  15. M

    file error ignore !

    Support our troops !!! In the gallery - under the folder name " Joke" I have posted a piccy of HRH during a recent tour in Afghanistan. See if you can spot him amongst the troops ! fair play to him for going - Children from top politicians might want to follow his example..... Had a bit of a...
  16. T

    Bank ATM error

    Went to atm at isbank yesterday, I requested 250ytl it said on thescreen unable to complete transaction please take your card, it never gave me the money, so I tried the other 2 machines same thing!. I then went to the atm at carrefour and requested 250ytl, I couldn't believe my eyes when I read...
  17. greeny

    Banks error

    Can i claim money back from bank in turkey.They made erro to send trl money from my account to lawyers account.Causing the lost of the house we wanted to buy as payment didnt go on time.But now if we transfer money back into gb pounds we are down 1000s gbp as rate gone from 2.50 to 2.85 :kafa...
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