1. ted j

    Eric Haydock dead

    Ex Hollies bass player Eric Haydock has died age 75 peacefully at home I had the pleasure of chatting with him once in a music shop in Stockport, he brewed up for us both and we sat on high stools at the counter nattering away for an hour RIP Eric
  2. C

    R.I.P Eric Bristow

    Sad to hear the Crafty Cockney passed away this evening
  3. S

    Prayers and positive vibes need for Eric

    Eric had had a diagnosis of Myeloma (bone marrow cancer) on Monday and at first, I screamed the house down but now that we have spoken to the doctor and he has told us that they are optimistic that they can treat it successfully we are feeling much better. This is a non curable cancer but with...
  4. Tommie

    MP Eric Joyce arrested at Edinburgh Airport

    MP Eric Joyce was arrested for causing a disturbance at Edinburgh Airport. Apparently he left his mobile phone on the plane BUT DID NOT KNOW WHAT FLIGHT HE CAME ON. More... I know that flight numbers can be difficult to remember, but surely you must know where you came from and, hopefully...
  5. Sunny Seasider

    Happy Birthday Sharon & Eric

    Here's wishing you a Happy Birthday, Sharon and, or Eric, hope you enjoy your special day today. Hope life is good in Bulgaria, and no more visits to the hospital. x :pressie:

    Eric Sykes

    Just on the news that Eric Sykes has died aged 89, following a short illness.

    Eric Plums (small green plums in Turkey)

    I have a tree full of these plums at the moment. Any suggestions on how to cook them please?
  8. Mojive

    Happy Birthday Sharon (as in Sharon and Eric)

    Have a great day Sharon, Happy Birhday:roundgrin: Mo xx
  9. yalimart

    Happy Birthday Eric and Barbara

    Happy birthday to Eric & Barbara, not sure if you share today or its just the one of you ! hope you are having a great trip and hope to see you soon, (will be there for the everton game) Martin & Linsey
  10. John O' Dreams

    Looking for Eric

    Just watched this film on Channel 4. Ken Loach at his best - and the man himself (Cantona) suggests he's a natural talent in everything he does.
  11. E

    Eric & Adeline

    Hi all, nice to hear so many bought on the Roal Blue Beach. We purchased in Feb 09 in Block 5 1st floor, supposed to be ready June 2010 but following questions to prime who we bought through there is currently an 8 week delay which they seem to think will have a knock on effect. We are...
  12. carolgriffiths

    Does anyone know where Eric from Grape bar is?

    His english bull terrier is at the dog shelter................has he wandered off or been "dumped".He is a lovely dog and if anyone is in contact with Eric,please ask him to contact Val or Ali Darmus asap
  13. E

    eric viking

    hello i am eric we have bought a villa on the kings complex near acbuck we will be visiting sept/07. my wifes called wendy &we live in middleton manhester. can anyone give us information. on flights from bodrum to manchester. oct/07
  14. S

    Hello from Sharon and Eric

    Hi to you all We would like to introduce ourselves. My name is Sharon and my husband is Ericand come from Rotherham South Yorkshire(my hubby originating from Edinburgh. We have been reading this forum for some months now and thought it was about time to say Hello. We are purchasing a villa in...
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