1. bickern

    Happy Birthday Ercan

    Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! - YouTube :dance:
  2. J

    Taxi fare - Ercan to Kyrenia?

    Hellooo Can anyone tell me how much I should expect to pay for a taxi from Ercan airport to Kyrenia please.:der: Thanks Jan:becky:
  3. N

    ercan airport to southern cyprus

    hi all just putting the finishing touches to our trip over soon and the only leg im unsure about is when we land at ercan from izmir. we need to get from the airport to the border at famagusta... any one have any ideas of prices of taxi (4 adults with cases) or buses in recent times please
  4. Ercan

    New nember Ercan

    Hello Everybody, My name is Ercan Guven. This is my first post in this forum to meet you. Also I met some of nembers, hi Penny, hi Ann... I am the manager of Metro Car Rental Company in Dalaman. I am a native son of Dalaman, and despite the fact that I know everything of Dalaman. If you have...
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