1. E

    Baby equipment hire!

    Hi everyone I'm visiting Yalikavak this summer again, this time with a baby in tow! I was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere I can buy or hire a travel cot for two weeks in July. I really don't want to bring one from home as we already have tonnes of luggage to bring already as you do when...
  2. L

    Baby equipment needed

    Hi, does anyone know where I can buy new or used baby equipment? I have 5 month old twins and one of them is desperate to stand so really need a walker! And soon enough I'll need high chairs, baby gates etc. Thanks a lot Lauren
  3. H

    Saddlery horse riding equipment

    I have heard that there is some where In marmaris to buy horse riding equipment does anyone know where this is
  4. F

    Enduro Equipment

    Can anyone tell me where to buy enduro clothing in or around Bodrum?
  5. K

    Baby equipment to hire?

    Does anyone have a travel cot & high chair we can hire from 21st June to 2nd July?
  6. C

    Baby Equipment for Hire?

    Hi, we will be on Holiday at the beginning of June for a week at a friends Villa 10 minutes from Yanakavik and I am looking for somewere to rent a baby high chair and travel cot if possible, my son will be 18 months old. If anyone knows somewhere or someone please can you let me know :-) Many...
  7. K

    Water softener equipment

    Does anyone have any experience with water softening equipment here in Turkey please? It would be great to do away with the perpetual limescale problem.:33: Sensible advice gratefully received.
  8. janA

    For Sale - Kite surfing equipment

    Advertising for a friend.Kite Surfing equipment, all nearly new, Gaastra force 8.00 m Rhino pro/g 12.00 m North Rhino 12.00 m Gaastra Mar 16.00 m those are kite's Kite board (Naish) 5'3 inch/159 cm 2x control bar (Gaastra) (Prolimit mach 2) Harnfess (Radsails) Life jacket (Brunotti) ankle leash...
  9. M

    Baby equipment

    Does anyone know of a shop in Yalikavak that either hires out or sells seondhand baby equipment. My daughter is going to Yalikavak end May/beginning of June with her baby, who will be 8 months old and therefore need cot and highchair.
  10. pembelu

    Baby equipment for hire in koycegiz area

    pls contact me for details - will post up more information in the near future thank you:baby:
  11. J

    exercise equipment

    Does anyone know an fitness equipment store in either Dalaman, Mugla, or Fethiye, Mugla?
  12. A

    Golf equipment

    Hi Does anybody know of any shops in or around Alanya that sells golf equipment ( clubs, bags etc) or maybe some members here have a set for sale. Can travel between Alanya and Belek. Thanks
  13. N

    Repairs to Gym equipment

    Hi Alan Would it be possible for you to check that the multi-exerciser and sauna electric heater have been repaired in the Gym. Utku promised us in October of last year that they would be repaired. Keep up the good work, one suggestion for the shop are gas bottles as they are vey heavy...
  14. A

    fund raising for disabled equipment for a child in Marmaris .

    a group of ladies based in Marmaris are trying to raise funds for a medical bed for a diasbled girl who was hit by a car and is now completely paralysed. Does anyone know of a good company we could use or have any advice on this please.? thanks
  15. Y

    Snorkelling Equipment

    Hi, does anybody know of any shops in Bodrum where wetsuits & snorkelling gear can be purchased?? Thanks in Advance
  16. T

    tattoo equipment

    Hi, İf this is in wrong part of forum please move it. Im living half time outside Turkey (in UE country) and half time in turkey. Im a tattoo artist and i want to take my equipment with me on next way back to Turkey. Machines inks etc. My question is about customs etc. Will they charge me...
  17. kernowians

    Hire of Baby Equipment

    Quite often we seen posts where people are asking where they can hire baby equipment. Okan who owns Oscar's Place - Cafe Kirmizi (which is almost next door to Oasis Village on the Marina Road side) is now renting out equipment. There is a special rate for over 7 days rental, and also for more...
  18. A

    Baby equipment required

    Hi all, just found this site and it's really helpful, though I have a strange enquiry!! My family and I are coming to Dalyan next week for a fortnight. I have an 8 month old son and was wondering if anyone knew of any places I could perhaps hire/buy a cheap babywalker. He whizzes around here...
  19. J

    Kusadasi baby equipment

    Hi Ive joined this forum as we are coming to spend a month in turkey before i return to work from maternity leave. My husband Dan my son Abe and my daughter Alice will coming over in June and very much looking forward to experiencing everrthing turkey has to offer. Im also trying to hire some...
  20. K

    Hiring Baby equipment?

    I am coming over to stay at my house in Gumusluk in May for 10 days and I am bringing a couple of friends with babies - just wondered if anyone knew of anywhere in Bodrum that may rent out baby equipment - e.g. travel cots/highchairs/stairgate to sasve having to travel with too much stuff!
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