1. ceemac

    Taller Equals More?

    Taller men apparently earn more money than shorter men, according to a study carried out at an Australian University. When you think about this, I suppose it's possible, but maybe there are just more taller men around? Story here C
  2. merlin

    1 Terrabyte equals how many bytes?

    I have an argument on the go here :lol: 1 Terrabyte storage equals how many bytes? Merv!
  3. merlin

    Google's Value Equals to $100 Billion....

    The value of Google, the largest search engine on the Internet, has amounted to nearly $100 billion. Google’s third quarter profits in 2005 exceeded expectations and gained Google shares of up to $340 million. Google’s shares were valued at $85 when they were transacted in the stock market in...
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