1. McB

    Epidemic in Antalya area?

    Does anyone know anything about this bacterial epidemic that is supposedly spreading in the Antalya region...'Coxxxxxxxxxxsomehting-or-other'....
  2. juco

    So lets have a measles epidemic £££££s!

    Read this then decide...... BBC News - Measles: Make MMR jab mandatory' call by US expert
  3. SarahEsen

    Flea epidemic

    Just to let everyone know about the flea problem in Kayakoy: Fleas are absolutely rive at the moment there. I keep my horse at Kaya, and I look after him extremely well, but now I am even finding the odd flea jump on him and 'feed'. My inlaws also keep animals (sheep/goats) and we have always...
  4. Acamas

    Lol Epidemic!!

    There is a growing epidemic of the use of LOL in posts. Am i the only one who is irritated by the indiscriminate scattering of this? lol It is usually obvious that the post is humorous or meant to be taken lightly and the LOL is superfluous. IF not, it only take a few words or a phrase to...
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