1. J

    South from Ephesus

    Just re reading this Brian Sewell book for the third or fourth time - a 1980s art travelogue from Ephesus to Side - highly recommended if you appreciate the historical sites along the Aegean coast
  2. suzyq

    Is Ephesus under threat?

    Again, another long article including pictures. Don't know if building a new canal and a new airport for light planes is going to be a good thing? Canal project threatens ancient Ephesus in western Turkey
  3. 1

    Trip to Ephesus

    Morning all, I'm off to Altinkum in a few weeks time, and this year we want to visit Ephesus. We don't want to visit the carpet/gold shops etc.... I know I can book a tour from one the many companies in town, but is there one that doesn't drag you off to these places? Or could we arrange a...
  4. M

    Ephesus Trip

    I want to take family to Ephesus for the day, we have a car and I think I know the location no doubt I could find it from the signpost if I head for Selcuk, but my questions are where do I park, is the place you enter the same place you come out if your not on a tour can you join a group with...
  5. culturevulture

    Ephesus and Pamukkle tour in October

    Hi, Does anyone know of any tour companies here is Didim/Altinkum who would be still operating this 2 day tour in October, please? My sister is coming over on October 17th, and she is not one to sit around. I think I am going to have a hard time keeping her entertained. I would also like to do...
  6. Q

    Ephesus, Pergamon, and Sardis (without a car or tour group)

    I've put off making some trips that I've wanted to, mainly because I can't seem to find the information I'm looking for by googling (and perhaps because I'm male, I've have been afraid to ask for directions[/cliched joke]). I'd like to visit Ephesus, Pergamon, and Sardis, all of which I believe...
  7. scotssteve

    Ephesus Restaurant

    what a lovely meal! Wandering around last night and having the usual debate of what we collectively wanted to eat, we stopped outside the Ephesus. What a shame to see an empty restaurant and having had breakfast there a few times (great value at 6TL) - we decided to be their first customers of...
  8. T

    The Alternative to Ephesus

    So, you’ve done Ephesus (maybe a couple of times) and you’re looking for something to take its place. If you live close enough – egg in the Kusadasi/Altinkum area, then the three historical sites that are worth considering as alternatives, either singly or as a package, they are the Temple of...
  9. B


    Has anyone been to the ancient city of Ephesus? We have been advised to take a trip to see this spectacular sight. Who is the best to book with, and do you know how much it costs?
  10. P

    Day trips Ephesus etc

    On another thread ( Gordion Travel ) people have mentioned that it seems to be standard practice, when taking people on trips to places like Ephesus/ Pamakkule etc , that companies divert travellers to Carpet factories/ Leather factories etc. I suppose they get a 'kick Back '. As we want...
  11. P

    Ephesus and Sirence tours from Bodrum

    I have friends coming over to stay in Bodrum next week. They want to go on an organised tour to Ephesus. Can anyone recommend a good tour company based in Bodrum (with an advertised price)? I've Googled and and found a whole range of companies with a whole range of prices to match (from 39 Euro...
  12. D

    Trip to Ephesus required

    Can anyone recommend a company ...obviously NOT Maxi Tours given the reviews they have had on here recently! - that does a trip to Ephesus from Altinkum...we want to go in last week of August.
  13. P

    Ephesus trip

    Hi All, I have been advised on this forum that the best way to get to Ephesus is to take a tour bus. Can anyone recommend a reliable tour operator in Yali or close by that is reliable with a high standard of Transport and a good tour guide and also, of course, reasonably priced? Thanks as...
  14. Lindacm

    Ephesus Concerts

    Does anyone know if there are any concerts on at Ephesus, like there is in Aspendos? I wanted to see a concert in Aspendos, but will be in Istanbul at the time. I wondered if the production might move from Aspendos to Ephesus? Thanks, Linda
  15. D

    how do we get to ephesus?

    Hi all. We would like to make our way to Ephesus but using public transport, not via inflated trip prices. Does anyone have any advice on what bus we could get, the sort of price, the time it takes to travel there etc? plus any other advice you feel appropriate. Many Thanks
  16. C

    Looking for seaside villa near Ephesus

    I am a British resident of Istanbul looking for a 3 bedroomed place to rent for the family, within an hour of Ephesus. Must have access to a pool and would like it to be within walking distance of the beach and shops/places to eat as we don't plan to have a car. From July 31st for 2 to 3 weeks.
  17. ceemac

    'Perge Is The Next Ephesus'

    Culture and Tourism Minister Ertuğrul Günay said on Sunday the ancient city of Perge, located near the district of Antalya, will soon become as popular as the ancient city of Ephesus. Here Some more info on the ancient city of Perge can be found here And photos here C
  18. culturevulture

    ephesus in february

    hi, i am travelling to altinkum with my sister in mid-february. can anyone recommend a good tour company that will be operating from ALTINKUM at this time of year. i have done the two day tour-Ephesus, Palmukale-in september. i took the tour from Bodrum with Queen Travel and it was brilliant.i...
  19. S

    Torba - car hire/Dolmus to get to Ephesus

    :roundgrinI'm arriving this Sunday for a week and would like to visit Epheseus, which I've just discovered 180kms away. Is there a Dolmus from Torba to Selcuk, which I think is the nearest town to Ephesus. If not, can anyone recommend a good car hire firm please.
  20. A


    hi is it possible to visit ephesus independently ..or do you need to go in group .opening &closing time and isiteasy to find please . alan&sue
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