1. IbrahimAbi

    Environmental concerns

    At last someone is talking sense. When you go to a coffee franchise how many people are using 'disposables' even in the shop. Disgraceful, I always ask for (and get, no hassle) 'normal fincan'. 'Latte Levy': Government should introduce 25p charge on disposable coffee cups to cut waste, say MPs...
  2. M

    New Environmental Taxes

    Hi to all, this is going to hurt quite a few I would think. I have been speaking via email to the Office of the economic councillor, Mr Aziz Dogan, about taxes. They are going to impose some new taxes on foriegn residents, to reduce the environmental impact of some of the sitesi's on local...
  3. david & emma

    Environmental Tax!!!

    Is this true? Reading the newspapers and seeing items on T.V. It appears that we may be going to incur this new tax or taxes. Apperently we could now be taxed on = get ready for this people, VIEW TAX (depending on what sort of view you have, PATIO TAX, DOUBLE GLAZING TAX, CENTRAL HEATING TAX...
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