1. K

    New Greek Entry rules

    The F & C Office has warned that Greece is applying new entry requirements for all travellers in EU who come from outside the Schengen area. This is nothing to do with BXT and will apply to several other European countries as well as UK citizens. Although the warning is for travel from UK this...
  2. G

    Re entry to Turkey.

    This is a bit long winded. My daughter is home in England till 31st Dec 2018. Whilst here in England she is waiting for her temporary resident permit to arrive. Can she travel back to Turkey on a e-visa. Although she did over stay her last visa in Turkey as she had begun the application for her...
  3. M

    Entry to turkey

    Hello Some of the forum may know me cause of my previous thread wanted to shed Some light on my situation, ive been rejected in turkey antalya AirPort at the beginning of july the scanned my passport and immeadiatly my 5 year entry ban showed up so been sended back with the first plane, i...
  4. M

    Turkey entry

    My visa application got rejected without notice of reason, does anyone know how i can get it more easy? I have a turkish girlfriend could there be a option there?
  5. S

    Requirements for tourist car entry to Turkey

    Hi. I am preparing to leave for a rare 10 week trip by car to Aegean Turkey. I have all usual documents including car reg documents, green card,driving license and international driving permit. Is there anything else I need re the car?
  6. simpsons

    Muslim family refused entry to US

    Labour MP Stella Creasy calls on David Cameron to challenge US over Muslim family refusal | UK | News | Daily Express What I would like to know is: A) If they were a family travelling to Disneyland, where were the mothers? B) The US can refuse entry to anybody who is not American. Why is...

    Entry Visa Sticker.

    Have a friend visiting and I was curious if you can still purchase an entry sticker (rather than online ) on arrival at Ataturk Airport Istanbul. Thank you one and all.
  8. J

    E visa refused entry

    We got our evisas online for our family and on arrival was ushered over to a clerk who refused entry as the nationality field was blank I've just gone to do a new application to see how this could happen and as suspect it can't! The first screen asking the country of the travel document ie UK...
  9. Billy Joe

    Failed entry.

    Has anyone here been refused entry on their Res. visa over the 120 day rule.
  10. E

    dual passport entry

    Good day everyone, Just wondering if any member who holds a dual passport has, since the introduction of the new electronic visa system, entered Turkey, at different times, using both passports. I know it is possible and acceptable in some other countries to benefit from using two passports...
  11. M

    Dual passport entry

    Hiya Just wondering if anyone here has stayed 90 days on British passport, returned home for few days and then entered country on new 90 day visa with Irish passport? Wanting to stay from end of May to October but have to fly home for a wedding which ties in perfectly with the first 90 days...
  12. L

    Changes to entry visa purchase

    Hello. I have read on the Monarch website that from next month it will not be possible to buy a visa on arrival at the airport. Does anyone know if that is correct and how do we now get a visa. We arrive on 12th May. Thanks Len and Julie
  13. Fran Dessop

    £10 Visa Entry Fee?

    Only now starting to read about having a crisp English £10 note per person for Visa entry into Turkey. Is this true?
  14. A

    Entry into Turkey (2)

    Yesterday I posted the following:- Help please. If a Person born in Turkey, now living in the UK and married to a British Citizen, has Leave to Remain and subsequently obtains a British Passport, , when entering Turkey, on the British Passport, is it necessary to show the kimlik? - I had a...
  15. A

    Entry into Turkey

    Help please. If a Person born in Turkey, now living in the UK and married to a British Citizen, has Leave to Remain and subsequently obtains a British Passport, , when entering Turkey, on the British Passport, is it necessary to show the kimlik? -
  16. W

    Residency and Vehicle entry to Turkey

    I have been driving to/from Turkey for 5 years now on a tourist 90 day visa. I was considering applying for a 2 year residency permit but have been told today that residency has a negative impact on car entry to Turkey. Can anyone clarify for me please?
  17. T


    I understand - from KTLN - that its now possible to buy a 90/180 visa online, thereby obviating the need to queue at your airport of arrival. I don't know when this began - but it seems an excellent idea. Interested to know if anyone has used it yet... Link: https://www.evisa.gov.tr/en/
  18. Housemartins

    Turkey Entry refusal!

    Hi folks, yesterday we came back into Turkey at Izmir Airport we had been away just one week. While we were away my partners Residency Permit expired, now we knew this and so got a Tourist Visa before going to the Passport desk. The officer at the desk wanted to know why the RP hadn't been...
  19. B

    Is Fethiye a port of entry?

    Can a 180 day visa be obtained when entering from Rhodes?
  20. Yogi

    Passport - 6 Months entry

    We are heading out to Turkey tomorrow for a week rest & relaxation. We've just noticed that my Daugther's passport expires in 5 Months & 2 weeks, I notice that it says you must have 6 Months left upon entry and 3 Months left on exit. Obviously, the exit criterea is fine but she is a bit short on...
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