1. mollag

    Entertainment bale outs

    I see many of our Multimillionaire performers are asking the Gov for money for theaters and live venues, many have gone so far as to sign a stern letter. What chance any of them putting their hands in their pockets to help the medium that made them millionaires? Far better if the mug public...
  2. N


    Got friends coming over what is there going on for evenings entertainment thanks for any help.
  3. W

    New Bars or Entertainment in Altinkum

    This may be a bit early, but does anyone know if any new bars or entertainment will be on in Altinkum this season? Also, not sure if we should go in May with all the building work going on and as Ramadan starts on 18th June the resort gets a bit quieter than usual and less atmosphere. Although...
  4. N

    Evening entertainment in and around Altinkum?

    Hi all is there any entertainment going on in the evenings in didim or surrounding areas.
  5. S

    Election Entertainment

    At election times in Britain do you lot get many canvassers, agents, candidates at your door? As you know this place is highly politically charged so election time is quite a buzz for doorstep activity We are having both Super-Council elections and Euros on same day so plenty of door knocking...
  6. C

    Live Entertainment in Mahmutlar

    Hi All, seeing the weather isn't tooo good at the moment does anyone know if there is any live entertainment at the moment in Mahmutlar so at least we can have a decent night out!!! thanks in advance
  7. N


    Can any body tell me were is the life entertainment please.
  8. angiesco

    BBC Entertainment

    Is it just me? or did I miss something? I watched Eastenders yesterday, then again, tonight and it is as if 2 weeks are missing? Why would that be? Angie.
  9. A

    Jewellery and entertainment in october

    My wife and I are coming to altinkum 8-15 oct . Could anyone please advise us on where to go for a good night out and a good jeweller . We have some White gold rings we wish to trade for yellow gold . We bought the rings in turgetreis last year and the yellow started to show through after only a...
  10. M

    Entertainment in Area

    Hi all,I,ll be out on holiday end May until end of June in Tuzla/Yalikavak area.I am a singer at home in U.K so if anyone knows where i might get a couple gigs please let me know.Thank you all.....you never know.i might be entertaining you sometime.........Mister T
  11. Yogi

    2010 Top 10 Entertainment Earners

    2010 Top 10 Earners Glad to see that the Top 3 at least are 'proper' bands that perform original music. The figures talked about are obscene though.
  12. janA

    Live entertainment needed

    A friend of mine is organising a suprise 65th birthday party for her husband begining of October in Akyaka and she is looking to book some live entertainment ie Elvis impersonator or something similer. If anyone knows of anything or anyone let me know.
  13. N

    bar entertainment

    what entertainment going on at bars/ and what nights
  14. S

    Darts- Great entertainment

    Love watching darts which can be a very skillful game But along with snooker, pool etc are these really sports?
  15. E

    New Years Eve entertainment ?

    Can anyone please tell me which Restaurants / Bars / or Hotels in the Hisaronu / Olu Deniz / Fethiye area.... that are catering ( menu etc ) and providing entertainment on New Years Eve ? Thanks in anticipation
  16. W

    New Entertainment?

    Hi All, I have just got back from Altinkum and it was quite depressing to see the same old entertainment in the Bars and Restaurants! Belly Dancers and Break Dancers! Once you've seen them they become abit boring! Don't you think so? Whilst there I was wishing that I could see something...
  17. C


    Hi There, We are going to be in Altinkum for 2 weeks in july, we are looking for somewhere to go with varied entertainment... There will be 12 of us ages range from 4 children under 10, 2 teenagers, couple in their 20's and 4 adults in their 40's... we are looking for somewhere that will do...
  18. C

    Entertainment Bars In Fethiye ?

    Hi , can you tell me where the main bars are situated in Fethiye ? We are looking for Karaoke , Sports Bar for Live Premiership Football , Live Music etc ... What are the names of the Bars for the above ? We are staying in Uzumlu and been told that we will not find anything like that there ...
  19. merlin

    Capitol Shopping and Entertainment Center....

    Capitol, is a state-of the-art shopping mall and entertainment center, easily accessible from all parts of Istanbul. <center></center> The many outlets in this six-story building offer the best of Turkish shopping, with bargains to be found in a wide variety of goods including off-the-rack...
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