1. juco

    Directory enquiry charges.

    Must be years since I used this facility, but............ How the cost of 118 calls varies, for a 90 second call! Telecom2* £19.98 Hello Maureen £11.23 118118 (TNUK) £11.23 118500 (BT) £3.10 Yell £6.88 118180 (Virgin)** £2.25 118402 (O2) £1.88 Post Office £1 * A very small percentage...
  2. B

    Enquiry re Grand Sea View near Gumusluk

    Hi, I have a friend who is interested in buying an investment property; does anyone have contact details for Grand Sea View (apartment or villa). The site is set in a tranquil location at the top of a hill between Yalikavak and Gumusluk. Please PM me with contact details of an owner on this site.
  3. bal canavar

    Isis enquiry rejected by turkey

    This is the second motion rejected this week by the ruling party AKP. The first enquiry they rejected, was a proposal to probe ‘parallel state’ their expartner's the Gulen Movement . They didn't seem to want opposition parties to highlight How the AKP former partners the Gulen Cemaat...
  4. juco

    Chilcot enquiry V elections

    They want to postpone publishing this until after the election for obvious reasons. Should it not be a case of postponing the elections until the enquiry is published.
  5. S

    internet enquiry H

    Hi folks we are buying a flat in Tosmur, Alanya. We wish to use the net mainly to stream UK tv via Slingbox from our UK home. We need at least 3Gb reliable speed with no stupid data limet or cost. This is to try and avoid having to put "Joggul Bank" on the roof to get Sky!!! Can anyone help...
  6. LITCH

    Akbuk Weather enquiry

    Hi all, I will be in Akbuk next week, can anyone have a look at the local forcast please and let me know what the weather will be doing from Saturday? I don't know what to pack. I know it cold at night but that's all. Thank you everyone, I can't wait to be back in Akbuk once more. Litch.
  7. J

    banking enquiry

    Hi Everyone, We are renting an apartment in Akbuk for 10 weeks in March 2010 and was wondering what is the best way of transferring some money to a bank in Turkey so we dont have to carry a lot of cash with us. I don't wish to use my english visa or debit card as I am a skinflint and begrudge...
  8. KKOB

    MG Rover Enquiry Costs

    How will they justify this ? The Government is to face tough new questions in the Commons after revelations that the inquiry into the collapse of MG Rover has now cost nearly £15 million and taken nearly four years. Telegraph - MG Rover
  9. H

    Hi there. Another new member. Yet another rental enquiry!

    After living in Datca for 9 months a few years ago, I am itching to get back there. Spain just does not have the same magic. We are a retired couple looking for a 3 bedded appart/villa for long, long term rent. (Sorry to the ones who are very anti this) but as we are getting on a bit I don't...
  10. P

    Tapu Enquiry

    Hello Would appreciate if someone could confirm the sale price on the 'Tapu' whether it is in sterling or ytl. Sue
  11. D

    Bayram enquiry

    We are off to our Apt in Hisaronu from Dec 29th to Jan 5th,I believe this covers this years `Bayram period` ... But can anyone please tell us exactly what shops, public services, dentists, banks,etc.. or even bars and restaurants that maybe be closed over Bayram ? thanks for any help
  12. A

    Estate Agent Enquiry

    Hi everyone. has anybody used an estate agent in Altinkum called HARDING EMLAK, if so i would appreciate any comments about their experiences with them please, thanks, Anthony.
  13. J

    Property Enquiry

    We recently joined the Akbuk forum as we are coming out in September with a view to buying a property. After many hours, days and several weeks trawling the internet looking at areas and many different properties we would welcome some advice to help us narrow down our search. In addition to...
  14. P


    Hi all, Still thinking of coming over to Turkey in October to possibly purchase an apartment, but need to know abit about the problem with title deeds. Its a resale i am looking at and its in a estabilsed complex built in 1999. Does the title deed (tapu) problem still apply ? Paul :)
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