1. superpp

    Rental Enquiries, when do they start?

    Hi, New to this rental business and was wondering at what time of year do people normally start enquiring / booking for the following year? Our new apartment won't be ready this season, but want to get it advertised early enough to attract interest for next year (2011). cheers, superpp
  2. spitfire

    Free Directory Enquiries

    Taken from todays Mail Directory enquiries becomes free again today, as long as you are prepared to listen to a 20-second advertising pitch before getting your number. The launch of 0800 100 100 signals the end of what many have called the rip-off of the 118 system which replaced the old...
  3. Martyn

    Free directory enquiries.

    You need a space in the post code. http://www.thephonebook.bt.com/publisha.content/en/find/residential/residential_numbers.publisha
  4. merlin

    Alo Tapu.... (Telephone Tapu Enquiries)

    Turkey has an official website for issuing of Tapu/House Deeds where you can make enquiries in respect of your purchase. This site may be in Turkish but its pretty straightforward to navigate..... Turkey Official Tapu Website Maybe a petition is in order for them to offer a English...
  5. merlin

    Free UK Directory Enquiries....

    No I havent gone mad [8D] Free directory enquiries.... 0800 019 2190 AND they do not insist on making the call Thanks to Steve Sheldon and Mushtaq for doing the legwork! Merv! Should now be getting some free drinks in Tinkum when you all arrive :D
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