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  1. shirleyanntr

    english/Turkish Wills yet again

    last Friday i was asked to go to court to support a woman who has been having problems with her deceased husbands will. He died four years ago leaving an English Will and a Turkish Will. He left everything to his wife the Turkish Will was drawn up by a lawyer translated notarised etc. They...
  2. V

    English/Turkish Speaking Architect/Builder wanted

    We are looking to build a house in the Izmir region but as we are currently living in England want to employ a good bi-lingual project manager or builder to ensure things stay on track and within budget. Can anyone recommend either a PM or a building firm that would work in the Izmir area?
  3. D

    Interpreter needed English/Turkish - Akbuk

    Hi , we are looking for an english person who is a turkish interpreter to work with us if anyone has any info please pm me . please do not send info on turkish we only want an english speaking person many thanks .
  4. keny

    tip for english/turkish translation

    I have seen many recommendations to use goggle translator which usually comes out with disjointed grammar.To correct this, type each sentence on a separate line and hay presto perfect translation every time.
  5. P

    Competent web site builder wanted, English/Turkish

    I am looking for a very competent web site builder, preferably in the Kusadasi area. I would prefer to see 1 or 2 finished sites prior to acceptance.(This is not emlak stuff).
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