1. A

    Clocks change on Sunday in England

    :dooh:By the way clocks go back one hour to GMT this coming Sunday in case you were not already aware... Angela in Side x :255ji:
  2. bickern

    First time in England, a judge with a headscarf

    For the first time in England, a judge with a headscarf was appointed. Raffia Arshad, 40, was appointed as Midlands district judge last week after her 17-year legal career. Speaking to the Metro newspaper, Raffia Arshad said, “I know this is not about me, thise is definitely an issue that...
  3. christella

    interest rates England

    interest rates down from .75% to .25%
  4. yalimart

    England Cricket

    Well done England Cricket, edge of the seat stuff ! Bring on Brexit ! Martin
  5. IbrahimAbi

    Welcome to England

    A block of hardened fat, oil and wet-wipes longer than six double-decker buses has been discovered in a sewer metres from the sea in a popular Devon resort town. What I don't get is how can it be 'metres from the sea' don't they treat sewage in a proper facility in Sidmouth, before they...
  6. S

    England's Group

    England as part of the Brexit deal have been placed in the piss easiest group in World Cup history Discuss
  7. christella

    Interest rates England

    We should be following USA and be increasing interest rates by the end of the year YIPPEE
  8. S

    England property prices

    Property prices here in the North of Ireland are traditionally waaaaaay behind good areas of England. Even with a minor pick up recently things are still bad. However on the news this week there were house prices mentioned in London which I had to listen to twice to make sure I heard them...
  9. juco

    Non answer Bank Of England

    How much do we pay this guy to give out non answers! My forecast at tomorrows weather, it will be wet or dry :-)
  10. yalimart

    Selling England by the Pound.

    The selfservatives have raped and plundered our country (U.K.) almost everything our parents and grand parents subscribed to has found its way into private all too often chummy hedge fund managers, it won't be long before we are no longer masters of our own destinys or has it reached that point...
  11. Spurs

    Lest we forget

    Sad state of affairs in my mind. Fifa 'rejects England & Scotland request to wear poppies on armbands' - BBC Sport
  12. M

    Bestway to get Turkish Lira back to England

    We have sold our house in kadikalesi a lot quicker than expected. So was wondering the best snd chearpest way to send the money back to England.We have a Garanti account and a Barclays acount in Engand . Money is being paid in turkish lira as we have sold to Turkish
  13. christella

    new tax on cars in england

    As before, the changes clearly incentivise the purchase of zero-emission cars, such as the all-electric Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe, and hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai. All these will continue to pay zero road tax throughout their life. However, at the same time, the changes will result in some...
  14. Sha Hoorsur

    England beats Germany

    At long last England has finally beaten Germany at something; The English have now been named as the most unpopular people in Europe, a title previously held by the Germans. :gulme:
  15. J

    Moving back to England

    Hi, does anyone know if it is possible to move back to UK after living here for a few years. So, circumstances are we have no home to go to - how can we find somewhere to live and what about income - would we get benefits? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  16. C

    england to turkey by ferry

    Hi guys ,happy New Year to you all ,does anybody know if its possible to travel England to Turkey by sea , ??? Thanks in advance
  17. P

    England match tonight

    We will probably be down to watch the England match tonight, so anybody at Boras ,say hello. Pete .
  18. D

    New to the forum! Hello from England

    Hello everybody, I'm currently looking to buy an apartment in Alanya area and have lots of questions not just about buying property but Alanya and Turkey in general. Hoping to find some good information on here 😀 Btw I'm from Manchester.
  19. 1

    England Hockey

    Well, the ladies won today, against the Netherlands. Well done England Ladies, the men came 4th, beaten by Eire in the play off game yesterday How ladies won without me plodding around on the pitch will remain of life's mysteries :hmm:
  20. yalimart

    Manchester the new capital o England

    No wonder Gideon and Posh Dave want the Northern powerhouse, now known as the Northern powercut because they cut the funding straight ater the election. We knew they were lying because thats what they do. but they may have to reconsider...
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