1. juco

    Airbus A340 EMERGENCY - Engine Failure

    Interesting watching the crew go through checklists and then head back . You need to turn the sub titles on if you want to follow the conversation. Airbus A340 EMERGENCY - Engine Failure - YouTube
  2. H

    Is Import of Used Car Engine Allowed in Turkey?

    Hi I exporter of used car part in Germany and I ship worldwide. But not sure for Turkey. I am sending to Norht Cyprus in regular base without any problem, but when I contacted the shipping company in Germany, they says all ok as import of used cars are not allowed but car parts are fine, but the...
  3. suzyq

    Turkey's First Kurdish Language Search Engine

    Turkey’s first search engine in the Kurdish language has gone online after five years of technical work, research and development. The search engine, called “Sekretin” – meaning success in Kurdish – will also have a video-sharing website in the next few months, its manager Serdar Anuştekin told...
  4. B

    Where to buy small inflatable with engine

    Hi we are new to this forum and have a place in altinkum we are after buying a small inflatable dingy and outboard or a small inflatable sailboat anybody got any advice of places near altinkum new or secondhand or what publications to look for or any idea of prices thanks
  5. Tommie

    Second Qantas jet in engine scare

    There has been another Quantas jumbo jet in trouble again, only a day after the previous one. More details here
  6. ceemac

    Turkey to Build Own Search Engine

    Turkish engineers are working on developing an internet search engine and aiming to launch it in 2010, the head of the country's telecommunications watchdog said on Saturday. Article here C
  7. A

    G.h.p. Four stroke motor

    6.h.p. Four stroke motor Mariner, short shaft outboard motor, 2 years old, only 20 hours use, excellent condition, selling due to lack of use. Will be in Turkey for the next fortnight, so can be picked up immediatley if sold. Cost £1100+, sell for £800 ono. Tel 07838 528833.
  8. merlin

    The latest www Turkish Living Search Engine...

    New Turkish Living search engine Here! Merv!
  9. P

    Search Engine Optmization

    Interestingly no one has posted here before, Anyways, i just wanted point out some tips about google indexing system. When you submit a website to google, it crawls to your website and consider some criterias befora ranking it; 1 - Meta tags (keywords, description) 2 - Content : checks for...
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