1. juco

    enforced vaccination, Australia

    What next? if you are working you will be fined if you dont get them.
  2. newhorizon

    Do you think new Motor rules could be enforced in countries like Turkey or others?

    Some comments on another thread prompted me into wondering whether better Health & Safety as in Motor Driving Rules is really possible in countries such as Turkey or India, Pakistan, Morrocco, Egypt etc or is that the luxury only possible in Western fully developed nations with a better economy...
  3. T

    Are work permit requirements strictly enforced?

    Hi again! Yet another question for you lovely, helpful people! My husband and I are moving to Turkey (from Canada) in August. I've got a job lined up, but my husband doesn't, and won't have a work permit /work visa when we arrive. (My employer, Bilkent University, is looking after my visa and...
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