1. Tenpin

    News Turkey breaks record in wind power generation

    Turkey breaks record in wind power generation Extract: With the world moving more and more towards green energy due to the climate crisis, Turkey, which has increased its renewable energy capacity, met 20...
  2. V

    Solar energy producing beach umbrellas
  3. G

    Energy Certificate

    With the legal changes applicable from 1 January 2020 restricting rentals and home sales for properties without an energy certificate with a ranking of C or better I am interested in hearing how anyone has addressed this, e.g. how much does the assessment cost; what ranking is a 10 year old...
  4. K

    Possible Reduction of UK Energy Bills

    There has been a shift towards group buying of energy and other products to get a bulk deal. This ad may interest some folk, sorry it's only for UK mainland, not available in NI. The aim is to bring down the individual costs of fuel bills. You can register without obligation and you dont have to...
  5. J

    Alternative energy source

    BBC News - World's first lagoon power plants unveiled in UK Not being a very good economist I'd be interested to know other's ( energy economists) views on this.
  6. immac

    Energy Use Monitor Advice

    I want an Energy Use Monitor (whole house supply, not individual sockets). I know they are literally giving them away in UK, but generally not available in Turkey. If anyone knows of a Turkish supplier, let me know. Anyway, if anyone has knowledge of them in UK, please advise. I will have to...
  7. yalimart

    Green energy levies

    Should we pay these levies ? Is it fair that those who can't have solar Pv should subsidise those that can ? Personally I think not, and the government should pull the plug on these policies including the ridiculous feed in tariffs BBC News - Newspaper review: Energy taxes make headlines Martin
  8. Lez Zetli

    Habitation certificate - Energy certificate addition

    It's not only the foreigners who trip up over all the bureacracy, some Turkish friends have just had a house built and are in the process of getting their "habitation certificate". There appears to be a new requirement (new to me, at least) to produce an Energy certificate before the Habitation...
  9. kale

    Energy firms

    Two of britains biggest energy firms are planning to invest heavily in turkey EON will invest £163 m. Annually into its Enerjista joint venture,which wants to double it,s 4pc share of TURKEYS power market by the end of the decade From mail online Kale Yvonne
  10. K

    Energy Saving Device

    Hi Does anyone have any experience of a unit called Airconosense which is designed to switch off air conditioning units if no movement is detected in a room for a pre-set period? It looks like they could save a fortune in electricity but we did wonder if they work as well as they claim and how...
  11. ted j

    Energy suppliers in the UK

    Had a new central heating system put in (old boiler was goosed and wouldn't have lasted the winter,so figured it'd help with our house being up for sale) I'd worked out the Electric and gas before the latest bill came, off the last bill (npower) When this one came, pleasant surprise. HM Gov...
  12. T

    A/C energy saving controls

    Hi Has anyone successfully introduced any form of control on A/C to help keep the cost down. Particularly interested in retro fit without unsightly cables. No problem while we are using the place ourselves but we rent it out and some guests seem to feel they have paid enough to allow them to do...
  13. S

    Why no solar energy?

    With so much sun in Turkey can anyone tell me why there is so little solar energy for households used? Most times at best the water heater is powered by the panels on the roof but why not much more or all of the household lecky-for god sake here in wet/dreary Ireland theres houses giving it a...
  14. suzyq

    Energy cards for buildings to be launched in new year

    The long-awaited obligation for property owners to obtain an energy classification card for their properties will go into effect across the country at the start of the new year, marking a new era for the Turkish construction sector and energy efficiency. Energy cards for buildings to be...
  15. S

    photovoltaic energy systems

    Hi All Can anybody reccomend a Photovoltaic design, supply and Installation company in or around Bodrum ? I am interested in talking to an engineer who can incorperate a photovoltaic system linked to a solar hot water system with the water storage being contained in a megaflow type high...
  16. Andy

    Free Home Energy Monitor
  17. ceemac

    Free energy saving bulbs 'cost £45'

    Each household has ended up paying £45 for the free energy saving light bulbs that have been sent to them by their electricity supplier, according to a leading watchdog. Here C
  18. immac

    Energy Saving Bulbs Problems

    Is anyone else having reliability problems with the new energy saving bulbs? I seem to be going through these quite quickly. Last year I started writing the date on the base as I put them in to keep a tag on their lifespan. Yesterday the first of those tagged bulbs blew (and yes, I mean loud...
  19. Mushtaq

    Turkey to become a leader in wind energy

    Hurriyet Daily News with wires Turkey to become a leader in wind energy ISTANBUL -Turkey is preparing to play its part in providing alternative energy supplies. As the country begins to involve itself in wind energy investments, it has also decided to produce inland wind turbines, reported...
  20. P

    Energy pricing.

    I got a letter from my energy supplier stating that they were increasing my monthly direct debit,which I thought fair do's,what with rising energy costs. Next day I got another letter from said supplier stating that I was £160 in credit,hold on what's happening here. I phoned them and was told...
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