1. A89

    Flash support ending

    Hi. I keep getting a message on my screen sayıng that soon support for Flash will end. How will I be able to watch tv on my laptop after that? To stream live it asks me to enable flash. I use google chrome and someone told me before that Chrome has its own flash but it does ask me to enable...
  2. suzyq

    Happy Ending for Murat the Goat

    Old Turkish man can’t bring himself to sacrifice his beloved ram First link is pictures of Murat looking very smart in his bow tie who is out and about with his owner and also in the house KESMEYE KIYAMADI?I KOÇUNA PAPYON G?YD?R?P, BAYRAM Z?YARET?NE ÇIKTI - Foto?raflarla Bursa gündemi -...
  3. A89

    XP support ending

    Can someone tell me what will happen to my laptop that has XP on it please? Ive read in several places that it will gradually get infected with all sorts of virus's etc until it just grinds to a halt. Is that correct? even if using anti-virus, anti-adware and anti malware programs? alison
  4. T

    Ending the year in the same way the new one will start

    With scaremongering lies from the Daily Mail. No, Immigrants Haven?t Booked Up All The Flights From Bulgaria To The UK
  5. v6cod

    Sad Story needs a Happy Ending.

    This is Yana, she is approximately 12 years old and lived with a german man in Dalyan up until 3 weeks ago when her owner unfortunately died suddenly. She was being kept in the garden of the house but was let out by somebody and has been roaming the streets until yesterday evening when she...
  6. willip

    dog paws video a dog rescue(happy ending)

    dog paws video one of their rescues ( it has a happy ending) but for all dog lovers have tissues ready Blind Dog Living in a Trash Pile Gets the Most Beautiful Rescue - The End is Amazing - YouTube
  7. M

    Very sad ending in Akbuk

    After a very upsetting morning yesterday trying to help Mel with the very seriously injured dog at a Hotel in Akbuk. This poor dog was left for days without any help and then when help was asked for ,Findik didnt get the medical help she so desperately needed. When she did it was to late for...
  8. P

    Another happy ending.

    But what's it got to do with Altinkum? Voices Newspaper Altinkum Didim Turkey - My love for a Turkish waiter
  9. perfect1949

    for those who like an happy ending

    A rescue they will never forget: Baby elephant and its mother pulled from mud lagoon by conservation workers | Mail Online . dave
  10. Angela Stansfield

    Happy ending!!!!

    I found this little chap at the shelter yesterday. He has several old fractures to his left back leg, rendering the leg unusable and therefore he is disabled. However, he is such a cheeky chappie and full of life and so happy, that I just couldnt leave him! Being disabled, he would never find a...
  11. K

    happy ending!!

    Lunch time today I was on looking at lesleys post, re put the dogs down poll,and went on to to tell the story of the terrier that turned up here last week,did not get any response about what I should do with him, But thanks to the wonders of the fourm,about an hour ago a turkish family turned...
  12. D

    A Happy Ending

    My welsh friends have recently told me that they have now sold their villa in Callis and are heading back to Swansea in Wales a s a p they intend to stay with their son whilst they look for another property in their home town. Hopefully they say, they will return to Callis area, in the...
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