1. bickern

    The end of farming?

    In the last years of the 20th century, Glenfeshie, a 17,000-hectare estate in the Scottish Highlands, was in steep decline. Decades of overgrazing by deer had reduced its hillsides to clipped lifelessness. Denied the protection afforded by tree roots, the banks of the River Feshie were losing...
  2. Leo

    End of the State of Emergency

    Well, after reading all of the fear based clap-trap on here about the apparent demise of Turkey, its Lira and its Theatres etc - most of which is based on the UK press - and we all know how balanced and honest they are.... I'm rather interested to see that there is no info about the ceasing of...
  3. G

    anyone going to akbuk mid to end July?

    Hi if anyone is going to akbuk shortly and can take a small fan out for a friend of mine, I will pay for your shuttle transfer, I am buying it on ebay and can have it posted direct for you to take out and just hand it to the shuttle driver who I will pay for the transfer via galaxy travel akbuk...
  4. 3

    Where will it end, if ever?

    So will a machine phone a doctors surgery, explain the symptoms, another machine then answers & gives a medical opinion? Google Assistant to make phone calls for owners - BBC News
  5. S

    White saviours to end

    This approach always a bit "bwana"saves the day Sports Relief: Comic Relief ends using celebrities in Africa appeals | Metro News
  6. 3

    The end is nigh.......

    Well that's what this flashmob seem to be predicting........... https://www.politico.eu/article/munich-security-conference-storm-clouds-over-munich/
  7. S

    Irn Bru end of an era


    The end is nigh

    Interesting article about about this neck of the woods and the direction of travel on the back of Brexit and changing demographics. 2017: The moment Irish unity became inevitable | Northern Slant
  9. yalimart

    End of an Era

    That’s it deals done,Yalikavak house sold, moneys in the bank so it’s beer time for us ! Drinks are on Linsey up until 6 pm at Sandima bar, can’t see it costing much to be fair ! Pretty quiet here ! Martin
  10. Spurs

    End of........

    Another despicable bunch tucked away for a long time. I hope that fellow inmates deal with them accordingly !! Operation Sanctuary: Woman jailed for trafficking girls - BBC News
  11. immac

    UPS Packet - where will it end up?

    I had to get some papers safely to HMRC in Newcastle U Tyne. As usual, I use UPS for important things going from Turkey to UK. Given to local shop on Monday (15th) morning and followed the tracking as it quickly went via Istanbul, Koeln (Germany) and was at the distribution depot in Castle...
  12. SLEEPY

    The end is nigh

    So Scotland will probably have a second referendum and the Nationalist in the North are stirring for a Border poll and re unification of the island. Could we be witnessing the first steps to the demise of the Union on these islands ?
  13. Jaycey

    Is This The End Of The Turkish Army?

    Is This The End Of The Turkish Army? ... Beheading The Eagle: Is This The End Of The Turkish Army As We Know It?
  14. teosgirl

    Pakistan, end the right to kill women

    https://secure.avaaz.org/en/pakistan_end_honour_killing_42_vrlty/?fnLvoib&pv=78 Please sign and share. Charlotte
  15. kemerkid

    The end of an era.

    Today Ali and his daughter Merve came over to round up all my chickens for transport to their home. Including Donald Duck, there was 30 of them altogether. We will now buy our eggs from Ali. My dog Niko has just realised that she won't be seeing anymore chicken dinners.
  16. M

    Flights prebooked for end of October

    BST ends in Britain 25th October but Turkey is delaying it untill 8th November, so if due to land in UK on the 26th at 1930hrs what time do we take off from Turkey??? Flight was booked months ago so every flight would have to be rescheduled but have they informed all airlines! :(
  17. Number6

    The end of the Grand Bazaar?

    It would seem that along with many other famous landmarks The Grand Bazaar is also being targeted in the gradual destruction of the historical attractions of Istanbul....Merchants of Istanbul's Grand Bazaar fear for their futures as evictions loom | World news | The Guardian
  18. R

    End of Miltary Search???

    Mm mm... interesting. Today been told by a estate agent (Emlak) that military searches for foreign buyers were abolished about six months ago. Talking Bodrum area in the conversation. Anyone know about this? Hard to believe as I know of many Emlaks, middlemen etc still taking money to process...
  19. K

    End of all inclusives in Greece.

    If this comes about i wouldnt be surprised if Turkey is next. Is this the end of all-inclusive Greece holidays? | Metro News
  20. bal canavar

    End of War for NATO

    The end of the war fought in Afghanistan by the United States and Nato forces for 13 years has been formally marked with a ceremony today at their military headquarters in Kabul today. Mohammad Hanif Atmar, the Interior Minister of Afghanistan in charge of law enforcement, expressed gratitude...
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