1. S

    30k a month to broadcast live pictures of empty room

    Revealed: £30k a month bill to broadcast empty Stormont Assembly - BelfastTelegraph.co.uk Remember this next time Sleepy comes on complaining about you British taxpayers.
  2. G

    new charges to empty sceptic tanks

    hi is it true that the council is now charging almost 200tl to empty your sceptic tank in the dalyan area? this used to be a free service.
  3. R

    Earn money on your empty place.

    Earn a return on your property. Is your property stood empty most of the year? Most of them are. My wife and I are about to put our property up for sale in the UK, and would love to rent somewhere in the Side, Colakli, Evrenseki, Gundogdu and Kumkoy area on a long term basis. We would treat...
  4. altinkum kev

    Empty Van from UK -Turkey.

    I am shortly going to fly back to UK to buy a large van to move my possessions from Turkey to N,Cyprus , the van will be practically empty unless I find a new leather suite that I like , just wondering if anyone had anything they wanted brought over if so send me a message and I will get back to...
  5. A

    Need to empty pool

    Hello. The pool on our sitesi has some algae growing round the edges. As the edges are not smooth the manager says he will have to empty pool to clean. I said he could increase chemicals but he says no. Has anybody else had to empty pool at peak season? Thanks in advance,Derek.
  6. Yalides


    Empty along the kordon today. But its a lovely day. And walking is enough exercise for me....
  7. D

    looking for a house or apartment to rent long term in Alanya Merkez

    I am looking for a house or a apartment to rent long term for me my turkish partner and our daughter in Alanya Merkez near friday market 1+1 or 2+1 furnished if anyone could help thanks :9:
  8. perfect1949

    Is Istanbul empty ?

    i'm sure there is no one left in Istanbul , they are all down here on the Bodrum peninsula with all their big cars that they can't drive 34 plates . well i hope after their jollies they all get home safe and sound , but the way they drive i very much doubt it , but i hope i'm wrong . dave
  9. N

    hundreds of empty properties.

    Can someone explain why the turkish seem to build hundreds of homes on a site and then finish only a few leaving the sites looking empty run down and derelict. I can point many different sites near us around Candarli, izmir and I seem to see more wherever I go. Put the shell up and leave them...
  10. R

    Empty Pool in Summer

    Hi, We won't be over much this summer so it seems a bit of an expense to keep the pool up and running. What's the best way of leaving it throughout the summer without it turning green, slimy and a mossie breeding ground? This year we've put in 'Winter' chemical througout the winter to keep it...

    Empty van going to the UK.

    Quite often here on TLF members enquire about transportation of goods to/from the UK. I'm not recommending the following,i just saw the adverts today,if anyone is interested. TRANSPORT. SPRINTER van with man that can help you move items locally/further afield. This is a large van with proven...
  12. carolk

    Empty van coming back from the UK.

    A friend has an empty van coming back from the UK around 27/28th Nov to Turkey. Anybody need to bring anything or themselves? Please contact me by PM. Sorry, should have said this is for cost sharing. A full van going and rather than go back empty...
  13. stevecarol

    Empty van to the UK

    Just to let you all know that around the middle of October I will be driving back an empty transit van to the UK (south) , if anyone local to me in Didim needs to get any belongings back to the UK then PM me and we can see what we can do.
  14. S

    going back with a empty case ?

    Is any one going to the u.k. anytime after mid Oct with a empty case, If they are flying into Bristol, Birmingham, cardif, if they would be so kind to help me out, I am trying to get back all my world'ly goods as I move back this month. I would pay your 20kg allowance and meet you the...
  15. Yalides

    Turgutreis empty

    Had a day out in Turgutreis today and it was empty. Where are all the tourists ?
  16. bobthenob

    Empty properties

    l can't help but notice how many empty sitesi's and complexes there are around.And how many new complexs are being built,while ten's of thousands of them remain empty very close by, many others are still being built.lt doesn't make economic sense unless there is something of a fortune to be made...
  17. babsgood

    Empty van coming back from England

    Hi my husband is going back to UK at the beginning of November, he will be buying a van and driving back here as we are driving back to UK next year. he will have very little luggage and I was wondering if anyone has things they need to bring over here but cannot due to excess baggage charges...
  18. C

    Leaving house empty

    Due to the fact that I am not happy with the fact of people going into my villa when I'm not there, I am intending to change locks etc. This will mean that my house could be empty for fairly long periods [7/8 months at a time]. Has anyone got any good tips that I could use? I have been...
  19. claire1976

    Incebal empty houses

    I am just curious- why is there is an entire village of empty houses on the hillside near Dalaman airport. They all look newish villa style house with fab views but mostly unfinished, one or two seem lived in but the rest aren't. Also, when you go down to the village there is a barrier with a...
  20. G

    Swimming Pool - To Empty or Not To Empty

    Hello All, This question doesn't seem to have been asked......my apols if I've missed it. What do most folks do re pool maintenance in the winter? We have a lovely house in Gumusluk....sadly we are not there as often as we'd like and are renting it out as well as using it ourselves at...
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