1. Jaycey

    Dodgey Emlaks

    We read a lot about people being ripped off when buying/selling properties but little about people renting out their properties through an unscrupulous agent. For example an agent who... -Says he rents your property out at only 800TL but refuses to give a copy of the rental agreement. - rents...
  2. kale

    Bodrum Emlaks

    Anyone recommend a good Emlak around the Bodrum centre Thanks Kale xx
  3. K

    Dodgy emlaks but not as you expect

    Emlaks dropping prices? Really??? Who would have thought it could happen. Is this a race to the bottom?? (Don't be fooled by the title of this story) Cumhuriyet reporter facing 23 years in jail appears before court
  4. V

    Buying Villa in Dalyan, Emlaks, prices etc.

    My first post here, so please be gentle! We are looking to buy a villa in Dalyan and I am interested if there are any Emlaks in the area that we should avoid? With many properties seemingly struggling to sell, I assume that an 'offer' should be made if we find one we like, if so, any ideas...
  5. S

    Good Emlaks too

    I know this has been tried before but it does no harm to remind those who are determined to dip their toe in the property market in Turkey that there are indeed good emlaks out there. I personally wouldn't buy again BUT for those of a different view I can only speak from experience and say that...
  6. Freedom 49

    As found by Emlaks in the bathroom.

    :bathbaby: Sometimes, we all need to have a little 'Toilet Humour!' I've seen all of these over the years here and plenty more besides! Personally, the traffic cone conversion job is my favourite. :gulme:
  7. mamish

    Emlaks - the good, the bad and the ugly!

    The Good: We just bought a house in Turgutreis through Dogus Emlak and found them to be professional, courteous and honest. They did everything properly and openly, and seem to have a good reputation in the area. They had the best selection of properties and personally drove us around to see...
  8. Jaycey


    It seems that 99 percent of emlaks give the rest a bad name
  9. H

    Emlaks From Hell

    I have just received an email that the Emlaks From Hell website will be back and up and running in the next few weeks. I hope that this webite will highlight the pitfaults of buying property and land in Turkey as well as publicise thee realy bad sellers in Turkey who just take buyers monies and...
  10. D

    Why do i feel such distrust of emlaks?

    This weekend my wife and İ went house hunting around the Kusadasi area and i had this amazing distrust of all the agents despite my wife saying apart from 1 they were pretty honest!(i dont speak turkish but still had mistrust). İ have bought many properties in the uk and have this pathalogical...
  11. Mary

    quote from emlaks from hell web site

    I have been reading this website and found it very enlightening. I have picked up a quote and just wanted to know what others thought. My feelings on this subject as a home owner but not living there is em perhaps there is a lot of truth in this, however would need to live there to know the real...
  12. M

    Bad Service from Emlaks

    Hi folks, Does anyone know if there is an official body or agency that one can make a complaint to about bad emlaks or emlaks who have not provided the service that they were paid for? Thanks in advance for any replies. MaryHelen
  13. R

    Can you sell your house with 2 Emlaks?

    Hello I am going to put my house up for sale in Turkey, Akbuk and is it possible to put it up with 2 Emlaks at the same time? We would of owned it 5 years September ( date on Tapu) so hopefully will not have to pay any tax. And we will be making a loss anyway. Any info on using 2 Emlaks to sell...
  14. scotssteve

    Good emlaks - not that hard to find

    Morning all from a sunny Scotland All to often I read about the bad experiences, so I thought it worth while to recount ours from last week. We made appointments and used the information from this forum to ask as many questions as possible before hand. We had brilliant service from Carol, Kym &...
  15. S


    What are any of you estate agents in Turkey expecting in 2010? Do you reckon it will be a continuing stale market or will it pick up?
  16. ronwstevens

    Looking for an Emlak

    Hi, we have a triplex some 3km out of Kusadasi and we are looking to sell can anyone recomend a trusty emlak to put it with, the one we used to buy it, does not seem to want to know but we would like to see it marketed this year
  17. gren

    Unregistered Emlaks

    Potential buyers warned about unregistered brokers - Hürriyet Daily News and Economic Review
  18. Martyn

    Good Emlaks and builders & good experiences

    There has been so much bad publicity for builders and emlaks lately that I thought I would start off a thread about good experiences. Now the fact you had a good experience doesn't mean that anyone that deals with them will have the same, it is just personal experience and to bring a bit of...
  19. T

    Dalaman Emlaks

    Hi, we are looking into buying in the Dalaman area and wondered if anyone could recommend a good estate agent? I have had some contact with Dalaman Turkish Villas - does anyone know anything about them? thanks
  20. M

    Selling Property

    Hi all, I bought a lovely villa in Akbuk a few years ago and am happy there. It has never occured to me what to do if I ever wanted to sell. As a matter of interest can anyone enlighten me on the basics of the selling procedure including any financial dispursements I would be liable for? I...
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