1. C

    Villa sold - Happy with Emlak!

    Having put my villa on the market last September, i am very pleased to announce that it is now sold, very close to the asking price, through Turyap Emlak. After reading warning after warning about dealing with Emlaks, i opted for Turyap in Didim due to my impressions on meeting them and also...

    Hedef Emlak - Turgutreis

    Sold up after 10 happy years @ Dream Valley Koyunbaba process took less than 4 weeks thanks to Kemal and Akin @ Hedef. Great service 100% trusted went the extra mile with smiles. Many thanks Kemal and Akin Phil & Gail
  3. Jaycey

    POA to emlak

    A few years ago we (foolishly) gave POA to an emlak confirming that he had our permission to rent out our apartment. We subsequently realised that he was a shyster of the first water and was pocketing much of our income under the guise of ‘expenses’ etc etc. When we confronted him he refused to...
  4. C

    Hates emlak marmaris

    Hates emlak estate agency marmaris has anyone bought or sold property with this agent. thanks
  5. R

    Contact details for Akaylar Emlak Didim

    Hi, can any one assist if providing contact details, physical address, tel nos , postal address forakaylaremlak in Didim? I have been trying for months to make contact Many thanks
  6. A

    Crooked Emlak in Old Town Side

    I visited my good friends Melike and Kemal at Onen Turkish Delight shop in Old Town Side today. They asked me if my 2-bed apartment was still for sale at £40,000 - - I said Yes it is - - so they offered to introduce me to some friends of theirs who had an emlak just after the little mosque - on...
  7. N


    I was wondering just how many of these hundreds and Hundreds of emalks who are scattered all over in Turkey have any idea as how to evaluate a property. Do they have to show a background or pass some sort of tests to obtain a licence? Do they need a licence? And yet they charge a staggering 6...
  8. R

    Emlak Recomendations Please

    Hi People, We have an apartment in Akbuk and after many years think it maybe time to move on for one reason or another. Can anyone please recommend a reliable and trustworthy Emlak in or around Akbuk? Thanks in advance:28:
  9. B

    Bodrum Can Emlak (BCP)

    Anyone need an Emlak in the Bodrum area I can totally recommend BCP , after finding me a buyer and agreeing the price they ensured everything went smoothly kept me fully updated ensured I was paid in full all this 10 days after buyer made the offer all I had to do was turn up at the tapu office...
  10. Mag

    Highly recommend Mugla Pozitif Emlak - Turgutreis

    Hi everyone, Would just like to share our experience of selling our apartment last week. Upon advice we used Kagan Yilderim from Mulga Pozitif estate agents, and cannot recommend him highly enough. A very efficient, professional and personable man with excellent English. We commenced...
  11. oldfogy

    What % do Emlak's Charge

    I know it's probably a bit of a 'how long is a piece of string question', but is there such a thing, or what might be a normal or average % an estate agent takes for selling a property. Obviously I appreciate they want as much as they can get, (just like a seller) but I'm thinking there has to...
  12. A

    Yalikavak Emlak Recommendation

    Hi, can anyone recommend a good Emlak in Yalikavak ?
  13. S

    Urgent help needed here please

    we have been looking for flat in kadikoy, because our landlord in taksim start to come inside the flat without letting us know before for no reason, and way we found a good flat, not the perfect but we were ok with it, any way after few days we moved to the flat signing the contract, and the guy...
  14. S

    Advice - Need good Emlak and Lawyer in Yalikavak

    Anyone give me recommendations for a good emlak and or solicitor please
  15. Ivbin Dunne

    Emlak tax

    hi all, does any know how to calculate the emlak tax and /or what is the basic charge cheers thanks
  16. W

    Which emlak would you use?

    Hi All, I'm planning on putting my apartment up for sale in Altinkum when we fly out next week. Because of all the problems some people have had with Emlaks, I'm not sure which agent to use.. Would like some recommendations.. Please. Who would you use? I've already approached Crescent homes and...
  17. C

    Reasonable Emlak in Mahmutlar

    Hi, Could anyone suggest an Emlak in Mahmutlar to both sell through and put an apartment with for holiday rentals. Regards
  18. M

    emlak in tuzla

    Does anyone know of an emlak I can use in tuzla we decided to put our villa up for sale as we dont use it.many thanks in advance.
  19. janA

    Emlak Contracts

    We have been trying to sell our house for about 5 years now privately. In January this year we were approached by Reality/TR who gave us the sales pitch, we are the best, we advertise globally and we promise we will sell your house with in a year.They were advertising in Dubai, Russia, Germany...
  20. A

    Emlak says its Law Buyer and Seller have to pay 3% Commission

    Hi i am new to this forum and new to Akbuk. I recently purchased a property from an Emlak which turned out to be a complete nightmare the Emlak i cannot speak too for various reasons, also threatened to sue me. This Emlak claims in an email she sent to me. ''it is the Law 3 percent buyer...
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