1. Tenpin

    News 28-old woman serves as Turkey’s first motorcycle emergency paramedic

    28-old woman serves as Turkey’s first motorcycle emergency paramedic https://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/28-old-woman-serves-as-turkeys-first-motorcycle-emergency-paramedic-174541 Extract: Sabiha Sözer, 28-years-old, serves as Turkey’s first and only motorcycle emergency paramedic in the...
  2. S

    Can a Man Emergency Levy imposed by Board

    Emergency Levy imposed by Board A question for all you legal eagles. Our Baskan has imposed an Emergency Levy to raise money to pay for essential services to run our site. We have apparently run out of money and therefore the emergency levy. Can a Board impose a levy - I thought such a levy is...
  3. Leo

    End of the State of Emergency

    Well, after reading all of the fear based clap-trap on here about the apparent demise of Turkey, its Lira and its Theatres etc - most of which is based on the UK press - and we all know how balanced and honest they are.... I'm rather interested to see that there is no info about the ceasing of...
  4. juco

    flight 1380 ATC Recordings Emergency Landing

    Interesting stuff, Pilot done well considering there was 3 major events. Engine failure. Structural damage to control surfaces. Injured passengers. Southwest flight 1380 ATC Recordings Emergency Landing at Philadelphia - YouTube
  5. J

    Charlottesville, US . State of emergency declare.

    Charlottesville: State of emergency over US far-right rally - BBC News Far Right march clashes with Antifa and other protestors. National Guard on standby.
  6. bickern

    State of emergency for another three months

    It will continue! The Turkish government has decided to extend a state of emergency for another three months upon the recommendation of the National Security Board (MGK), a day after a key referendum overhauling Turkey’s governance system was narrowly approved. “The state of emergency is not...
  7. juco

    Airbus A340 EMERGENCY - Engine Failure

    Interesting watching the crew go through checklists and then head back . You need to turn the sub titles on if you want to follow the conversation. Airbus A340 EMERGENCY - Engine Failure - YouTube
  8. bickern

    Extending three-month state of emergency

    Turkey’s top security body has recommended that the country’s ongoing state of emergency be extended, according to initial reports from a meeting in the Turkish capital. The National Security Council (MGK), which convened on Sept. 28 in Ankara under the chairmanship of President Recep...
  9. Philogic

    State of emergency in Turkey

    So what's it really like out there now, or are you not allowed to say? Where are they holding the thousands of people who have been arrested? Not in my apartment I hope😁. We are all concerned but I've not seen anything definately on here. Are the bars open, are there any tourists, I've read that...
  10. S

    Turkey - Emergency Consular Assistance

    https://twitter.com/ColinSmithFCO/status/747897324714729472 UK Travel advice updated on http://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/turkey … Urgent help via Consular assistance team on 020 7008 1500
  11. suzyq

    1st June only emergency medical treatment will be available

    Only emergency medical treatment will be available on 1st June after doctor was killed. Medical services in Turkey to halt over doctor killing - HEALTH
  12. juco

    Virgin plane makes emergency landing at gatwick

    BBC News - Virgin Atlantic jet lands safely with landing gear problem I happened to catch this on BBC news while it was still in flight, so went on to radar24 to track it. Flippin heck, can you imaging just after take off being told there is an issue and we are returning.....So they flew around...
  13. suzyq

    Central bank demurs on emergency rate cut

    In an apparent step to distance itself from political pressure, Turkey's central bank said on Monday that the bank will decide for itself on the timing of any future interest rate cuts, defying last week's calls from Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for an emergency rate cut. In the wake of...
  14. Neil_Denizli

    Turkish Lira/İnterest Rates

    Obviously now is the exchange rate is best it's been for years, but how high will it go? Will it come down any time soon? I am sitting on a pile of sterling I can change to TL at a click - after all, it will be here I spend it eventually, and I am getting tempted. Don't really follow the news...
  15. B

    Emergency facilities in Turkey for Asthma sufferers?

    Hi, My partner and i are hoping to travel to the Lycian / Turquoise Coast next week but have some concerns regarding my partners Asthma. if we would needed to call an ambulance, where would be the best hospital to be closest to. We initially had hoped to go to kalkan but i understand that the...
  16. captain

    Replacement battery - emergency light

    Can somebody tell me where I can buy a replacement battery for my emergency light? It's a sealed lead-acid, 6v 4.0 AH. I've looked in Beaumax & KocTas but can't find them. Thanks, Doug
  17. suzyq

    Drunken revellers stretch emergency services to the limit

    Why are these people being treated for free and why is good money being wasted on them when it could be put to better use? In London, a centre for drunks in Soho was set up at a cost of £500,000. All beds were taken by 11.30pm on Friday. Paramedics in the major cities were stretched to the...
  18. A

    Help with Emergency Travel Documents please!

    I wantto go to UK on 23rd December to surprise my mother for christmas, i want to fly from antalya and i live in idil, sirnak. I am hoping that one of my brothers in law will take me to adana british consulate to get an emergency travel document as my passport has been wet and the photo is...
  19. M

    emergency numbers

    hi everyone, there was a thread on here some time ago with all the emergency phone numbers needed in turkey but i cant find it now, can anyone help please. i had saved it in my favourite list but for some unknown reason its not there now, thanks.
  20. K

    Emergency - how to pay Turkcell superonline bill?

    Hi, I subscribed to Turkcell superonline internet and internet phone just over a month ago and can't figure out the bill or how to pay it. The helpline told me to logon to their website but I can't see an obvious login area, does anyone know if the customer login is at...
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