1. S

    Embarassing relatives or friends

    We all have them-just wondering if 2 of my dumbass relatives really take the biscuit Recently the daft duo embarked on a painting exercise-going door to door offering to touch up paintwork on a nearby housing estate Having gotten a mug householder to agree the Rolf Harris wannabees set about...
  2. M

    A rather embarassing question

    I suppose this was my ultimate goal in registering for Turkish Living: get information for free and then run away without saying thank-you. But I guarantee you the story surrounding this question will make you laugh. I have a brother. He's a hopeless romantic who uses the personals ads in...
  3. Pennie

    Embarassing moments

    I thought this might raise a few eyebrows, so am starting off very low key. What is your most embarassing moment, one that you can look back on now and giggle. I'll go first, with my most recent. The lovely Lynn Mc was in Altinkum for the night, and we were sitting in the Chill Out bar having a...
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