1. immac

    Malicious Emails

    My VPN (ExpressVPN) is advising to beware of scam emails. Useful advice at any time: "Phishing attacks related to Covid-19 have shot up by 667% from February to March, and they’ve come in various forms, from phishing emails that claim the recipient has been in close contact with someone who has...
  2. A

    Deleting emails

    Hello. When I use Opera browser and I check my yahoo emails they will not delete after reading. They will when I use Firefox. I prefer Opera and Yahoo for non-secure emails. Anyone any ideas? This started yesterday. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  3. M

    Blocked Emails

    Having just blocked today's offerings (from viagra to dubious sounding penfriends), I was wondering how this works. If someone sends you an email and you have blocked it, does it get returned to sender or does it just disappear somewhere into the ether? If it goes back to sender, are they...
  4. immac

    Emails Hacked

    News of a huge data breach where 711 million accounts have been hacked. You can check if your account has been compromised by putting your email into this web site: LBC computer guy says the site is "safe" for the purpose of doing this search ı.e. it is not from...
  5. M


    Once again I am in trouble! Back in February I received notification from Orange that they were closing their email service from 31st May. Subsequent to this I received more emails saying the same thing. As I did not know if this affected me, I rang the help number. The lady said that as I...
  6. S

    Blocking emails

    Hmmmm Thinking of options to block or even better-reroute incoming emails Our builder keeps emailing the big girl with "I am now having great new idea Senorita"- emails which entail extravagant upgrades and extras he's adding as he finishes our pad!!! Must be some way of intercepting these...
  7. T

    emails taken back?

    I had an email, I flicked through it intending to read it again later as it was quite long and I wanted to check a couple of details but its gone. I checked the deleted folder and its not in there, I checked all folders but its gone. Is it possible for a sender to take their email back? I now...
  8. C

    Blue Car Rental (not responding to emails)

    Has anybody used Blue Car Rental Car hire in Bodrum Turkey. 15% discounts for property owners and rental in Bodrum Rent a Car. 13 pound or 14 euro per day Bodrum Car Rental Service. over the last couple of weeks and managed to get email replies. I have used this company many times before and...
  9. christella

    Virgin emails

    I was with virgin a couple of years ago and my emails come through for a while and then stopped if you down load incredible email IncrediMail Free Software Download - Email Setup for Your Desktop and you can remember your password you will get all your old emails I have just done it and it was...
  10. val2661

    Spam emails!!!!!

    I have in the past two weeks been receiving about 100 spam emails daily. Also on my phone I use in Turkey (English Pay as you go sim) I've received a number of unsolicited texts from various ladies on a site called UP FOR IT, asking me to text them. The only time I given my email address and...
  11. arrian

    hacked e-mails

    I've had a message from a contact saying they think my e-mail has been hacked. when I've gone to another e-mail from a jewellery site I purchased from recently, it seems they've sent a mail to a lot of my contacts, which looks as though it's come from me. what do I do now? this hasn't happened...
  12. M

    Help to recover emails.

    How can i recover my deleted emails that i deleted by mistake ,they are with orange mail. thanks in advance.
  13. the bueman

    Scam Emails from FedEx

    Hi All Be on your guard for Scam emails around this time of year. Most of us lose track of things we ordered or gifts from family and friends. Got an email today claiming to be from FedEX with a tracking number. They claim they attempted to deliver a parcel to my address and returned it to...
  14. pineapple1

    Important Emails !!!!

    Thanks for your advice As we progress into 2012, I want to thank all my friends for your educational e-mails over the past year. I can no longer open a bathroom door without using a paper towel, nor let the waitress put lemon slices in my ice water without worrying about...
  15. T

    emails and kindle?

    I recall seeing a post about picking up emails a while back - lots of suggestions re wifi in cafes, dongles etc - but someone also mentioned using a kindle for this purpose - is this right? I dont need any fancy internet access - no movies, downloads, games - just access to my emails - without...
  16. jaimie

    Dodgy phishing emails

    Good evening everyone, Just thought I would bring this little gem back to the fore. Got an email yesterday advising me that my bank (halifax) were conducting a security check upon my recent transactions. As I had this week transferred a large amount of money from one account to another, I...
  17. pineapple1

    Wierd Emails !!!

    Has anyone else had wierd emails from the Traffic Police in NY ??? It says print out the form to pay the fine . Of course I delete them as suspect virus ..................Diane
  18. arrian


    ok, i've got another query! i've been sent a funny e-mail, and at the end of the clip it says to send to a friend, but to do that i have to insert an e-mail address. how can i put it on the forum without using e-mail? thanks again

    Can't get emails

    Can someone please tell me why i can't get emails from a hotmail thing. I can send it and they recieve it but i can't get the reply. Remember i'm the number one thicko as far as computers go so please be gentle. Thanks in advance, Jeannie :thanks:
  20. Mushtaq

    Unsolicited PMs and Emails

    It's come to my attention that some members have been receiving PMs offering services or being asked for personal information. Just a reminder that please report anything you find unacceptable or annoying by forwarding any such communication to me or any of the moderators. Unsolicited...
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